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Sunil Chhetri pushed away by the Bengal Governor during Trophy presentation- Fans demand Pointing Treatment

The “Disgraceful” video of the Governor of West Bengal was leaked after he showed his high headedness by pushing Sunil Chhetri while posing with the Durand Cup on Sunday .

The Massive Durand Cup Victory

During this weekend Sunil Chhetri’s Bengaluru Fc created history after skinning past Mumbai City Fc 2-1 which was a narrow victory . The clash took place in Kolkata , West Bengal at the Vivekanand Yuba Bharati Krirangan .

This Bengaluru Fc side has been well as they have also won the Shimla and President’s cup , they have also played sensationally in the Indian Domestic competitions in recent times with title in the Federation cup and the Indian super league.

Watch: West Bengal Governor push Sunil Chhetri

The Governor La. Ganesan Iyer was found pushing the Indian footballer to get in the frame during the photograph in the post-match presentation which went viral on all social media platforms. During the Trophy Ceremony Ganesan Iyer was standing behind Sunil Chhetri , as the Indian Star posed for photographs Ganesan was found nudging and pushing away Sunil Chhetri to get in the photograph with the trophy.

Indian Sportsmen and Fans Criticize Iyer

The Disgraceful behaviour of La. Ganesan Iyer caused a social media outrage among the sportsmen in the country as they started opposing and criticizing the government and sports fraternity of the country .

Robin Uthappa slammed Ganesan as well by tweeting “ That’s just all sorts of wrong !! Sorry Sunil Chhetri you deserve so much better than this .” Akash Chopra termed the incident as “disgraceful”.

The 6 seconds video just shows that whats wrong with the Sporting Fraternity in India, it looked like Ganesan and the government officials had won the Durand Cup not Sunil Chhetri and Bengaluru Fc.

The Ricky Treatment

The ricky treatment

After Australia won the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in Mumbai, captain Rick Ponting had received the Trophy from BCCI President Sharad Pawar. Pawar stood their for the photo but Ponting showed no mercy and told the President to get off the stage as the Aussies wanted to celebrate their victory .

At the time many India fans were outraged with the incident but now the fans have seen the true side of the sporting bodies and governments. Indian Fans wished Chhetri had done a Ricky ponting there but out of respect he gave space to the Governor for the photograph.


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