5 Football Facts that you probably didn’t know

Here are 5 Crazy and unexpected football facts and stats that will blow your mind .

5th  -Mario Balotelli is the only Italian to ever win the Premier League.

The Premier league was never graced with exceptional Italian talents but Balotelli was the only ever Italian to lift the English silverware with Manchester City back in 2011. No other Italian had ever lifted the premier league trophy before Mario and his record remains intact upto this date.  The Italian had played for two premier league clubs Manchester City and Liverpool and won the league with the iconic assist to Aguerooo , which was his only assist in a City jersey.

4th – Lionel Messi has missed the most penalties in the Champions league History.

La Puga is the player who has failed to convert from the spot most of the times in the competition, having 5 penalties missed , messi stands first in the list to miss the most penalty in the UEFA Champions league’s history. 4 of the 5 penalties came in the UCL knockout stages.

3rd – Netherland’s Wild pressing tactic in the 1974 World Cup

The Dutch hold the record to have played the most finals in the biggest football platform but haven’t won it even once .Back in 1974 unlike any other team the way in which the Dutch players won the ball back was absolute Bizarre . Gegenpressing was nothing compared to this, whenever the opposition had the possession the Holland  team surrounded them like a pack of Hyenas. It was like a formation of 10 players together fighting to win the ball back, the dutch players planned and executed it perfectly as the intercepted high up the pitch and pressed efficiently as a 10 man squad on one player for the ball. Surprisingly  Netherlands were the runners up in the World cup that year.

2nd -Ronaldo was pinned to the wall by his Man United teammates for bringing Coco-Cola in the dressing room.

Back in 2008 during the golden days of Manchester United a young Cristiano Ronaldo came for a breakfast with a Coca-Cola can and a burger in his hands.  Ryan Giggs immediately pinned the Portuguese on the wall and said “ Don’t ever do that again!”. The Welshman  didn’t hesitate to make his point and taught the portuguese a valuable lesson that Cristiano clearly  follows till today.

1st – Chelsea have been relegated more than winning the Premier League.

 The Blue lions have been relegated more times than winning the league. Chelsea have been relegated 6 times and have won the Premier league 5 times which makes it peculiar for the English side as they stand as one of the best teams over the decade.

Relegated in the year 1910,1924,1962,1975,1979 and 1988.

Won the title in the year 2005,2006,2010,2015,2017.

Here were the 5 random football facts and stats that would sound astonishing to many football fans.


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