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SA20 League 2024: Points table of South Africa T20 League

After a scintillating display in the first season in 2023, SA 20 League is back with a bang in the new year. With new faces, and new challenges, your old and favorite teams return to battle it out once again.

The tournament will again feature six of the best teams from different provinces of South Africa.

These teams are owned by six franchise that already are present in the Indian Premier League. This gives this tournament another edge over the other leagues that are present in the different part of the world. The fans really tune into this tournament, just to witness the rivalry between IPL teams getting re-imagined in a new and versatile landscape of Protean soil.

Therefore we bring you the Points table of SA20 League 2024 season, to find out which team will emerge as the best in business.

Points Table of SA20 2024

Points Table of SA20 2023 Overview

Pretoria Capitals (Q)10730031+0.927
Joburg Super Kings (Q)10630126-0.111
Sunrisers Eastern Cape (Q)10450119+0.316
Paarl Royals (Q)10450119-0.293
Durban Super Giants (E)10450119-0.319
MI Cape Town (E)9370013-0.500

The first season of SA20 was an absolute success for both the players and the spectators. There was an almost unending action presented by the league and the fans still couldn’t have enough of it. And the Points table of SA20 League 2023 is a testament of the action packed cricketing league that was on display.

According to the rules of the tournament, only four out of the 6 teams in the league table could qualify for the semifinals, and it was a neck to neck tussle between three teams, that went through only on net runrate.

The first team to qualify for the knockout round was Pretoria Capitals. They had the best performance in the group stages, and managed to win 7 out of their 10 league games and lost only 3 games. With 31 points to their name they managed to make the cut with relative ease.

Joburg Sueper Kings was the second team to qualify for the semi finals with ease, as they too had a good record in the group stages. Just like Capitals, they also won 6 games out of their 10 and lost only 3 games. Maybe they would have qualified as the league topper, had it not been for the tied game, that was washed out.

For the remaining two spots, three teams were fighting with same amount of points to their name. Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Paarl Royals, and Durban Super Giants were all tied at 19 points to make it to the semi finals. All of them had 4 wins from 10 games with 5 losses and 1 game that was washed out. However, in the end it was Sunrisers and Royals that managed to make it to the semi finals on the basis of their better net run-rate.

The playoffs saw Sunrisers clash with Super Kings, and Capitals were squared up against the Royals. Out of the two, only Super Kings vs Sunrisers match was able to make the people keep at the edge of the seat. Joburg almost chased out the steep total of 213, only to falter and lose by 13 runs. Royals on the other hand went down quite easily against Capitals.

Even in the finals, Capitals were defeated by Sunrisers Eastern Cape in a rather timid manner.


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