Top 5 current fastest runners in international cricket

Running fast is a crucial aspect of cricket, as it directly influences a team’s performance and can be the difference between winning and losing a match. Speed on the field is essential for both batsmen and fielders. Batsmen need to sprint between the wickets to accumulate runs, turning ones into twos and twos into threes. This ability not only scores runs but also keeps the scoreboard ticking, putting pressure on the opposition.

Fielders, on the other hand, need to cover ground quickly to prevent runs and take catches or effect run-outs. Speed can also be an advantage for bowlers when they attempt to generate extra pace and surprise the batsman. Overall, running fast is a vital component of cricket, enhancing a team’s competitiveness and contributing to its success. It involves not only physical speed but also agility, quick decision-making, and effective communication among team members.

While running fast is important, it should be balanced with smart decision-making. Batsmen need to judge when to push for quick runs and when to be cautious to avoid unnecessary risks. Running fast is particularly emphasized in limited-overs formats where quick accumulation of runs is crucial, but it remains a valuable aspect of the game in all formats.

The legendary batsman, Sunil Gavaskar is often associated with a very famous and wise tenet, “convert ones into twos”, which he also uses frequently while commentating. Virat Kohli in contemporary cricket is considered one of the fastest runners between the wickets.

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Having said that, we have curated a list of the top 5 current fastest runners in international cricket. Take a look without further ado.

Top 5 current fastest runners in international cricket

5. Glenn Phillips

The 26-year-old New Zealand all-rounder, Glenn Phillips, consistently astounds with his exceptional fielding abilities, seemingly defying the laws of physics. In his relatively short but remarkably impressive career, Phillips has showcased his athleticism by taking breathtaking catches. His agility and speed also make him a formidable force in running between the wickets, often turning singles into doubles, leaving both fans and opposition teams in awe.

For those who have closely followed his career, it comes as no surprise to see Phillips ranked among the fastest runners in international cricket today, a testament to his outstanding athleticism.

4. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis is known for his exceptional fielding skills in cricket. He is particularly renowned for his athleticism and agility in the field, which includes his ability to stop boundaries, take sharp catches, and effect run-outs. While he may not be considered one of the fastest runners in terms of pure speed, his agility and quick reactions make him an excellent fielder and a valuable asset to his team, both in the outfield and in the inner circle as a point or cover fielder. So, while he may not be a specialist in terms of running between the wickets, his overall fielding abilities are highly regarded in the world of cricket.

3. Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson, the acclaimed New Zealand cricketer and former captain of the national team, is known for his exceptional running and athleticism on the cricket field. Despite his relatively unassuming appearance, Williamson possesses a remarkable ability to quickly dash between the wickets, turning singles into doubles and pushing the boundaries of his team’s scoring. His running between the wickets is characterized by his swift and agile movements, which enable him to capitalize on even the slightest of misfields by the opposition. Additionally, his sharp cricketing acumen ensures that he makes informed decisions while running, minimizing the risk of run-outs and maintaining a high level of fitness and endurance.

Williamson’s athleticism extends beyond his running capabilities. He is renowned for his exceptional fielding skills, often stationed in key positions such as slip or gully, where quick reflexes and agility are essential. His ability to anticipate and react to incoming deliveries is impressive, and he frequently takes crucial catches that can turn the tide of a match in his team’s favor.

Williamson’s agility and flexibility also make him a valuable asset in the outfield, as he can dive, slide, and cover ground swiftly to prevent boundaries and execute critical saves. In sum, Kane Williamson’s running and athleticism make him a complete cricketer, capable of contributing significantly with both the bat and in the field, while demonstrating a commitment to maintaining his physical prowess in the highly competitive world of international cricket.

2. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, is renowned not only for his exceptional batting skills but also for his remarkable running and athleticism on the cricket field. Kohli’s ability to quickly convert singles into doubles and his agility in the outfield makes him one of the most physically fit and agile cricketers in the world.

His commitment to fitness and training is evident in his sharp speed between the wickets, often turning potential ones into twos and twos into threes. This running prowess puts immense pressure on the opposition’s fielding and helps his team accumulate runs rapidly.

Moreover, Kohli’s athleticism is exemplified in his fielding, where he is known for his sharp reflexes, quick ground coverage, and pinpoint throws. His dedication to maintaining peak physical condition and honing his athletic abilities has played a pivotal role in making him one of the modern era’s most dominant cricketers.

1. Ravindra Jadeja tops the list of top 5 current fastest runners in international cricket

Ravindra Jadeja, often referred to as “Sir Jadeja” or “Jaddu,” is known for his excellent athleticism and fielding skills in international cricket, which often included his quick running between the wickets. He is a specialist in saving runs and taking sharp catches, often diving and making difficult stops in the field. His arm strength and accuracy while throwing are also remarkable, allowing him to create run-out opportunities and apply pressure on the batsmen.

Moreover, Jadeja is an excellent runner between the wickets. He has a good understanding of when to push for quick singles, convert ones into twos, and turn twos into threes. His speed and ability to judge the field make him a valuable asset in partnerships, ensuring that the team maximizes its scoring potential.

Jadeja’s athleticism is evident in his ability to cover ground quickly while fielding. He is also a useful bowler, capable of delivering a variety of spin and pace options. His athleticism allows him to make crucial contributions with the ball and the bat, as well as on the field.

Overall, Ravindra Jadeja’s running and athleticism have made him a well-rounded cricketer who can contribute significantly in all aspects of the game. His all-round skills have made him a valuable player for the Indian cricket team, and he has been a consistent performer in various formats of the game.

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