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Shaheen Afridi Net Worth Net Worth 2023, Salary, Income, and International Performance

A boy making $7 million in 2023, that is 55 crores in Indian rupees at the age of 22. Yes, he is Shaheen Afridi, representing the Pakistan Cricket team. For a moment, the figure he generates seems to be imaginative, but it’s true.

Shahin Afridi’s net worth and his efforts are just astonishing. The way he balls and hits the stump bells is unbelievable to watch. The story started when Shaheen’s brother asked him to play cricket, and from then Shaheen has been madly in love with the word “Cricket.”

Cricket is an evergreen topic, we can limitlessly have a conversation over it. We have a special corner for our favorite players, and we really want to know everything about them. Some players emerge in a different way and shape the young mind through their performance and behavior.

Here, the article has Shaheen Afridi in the spotlight; Shaheen Afridi’s age and net worth will be discussed. Moreover, the article will let you know about his fascinating journey that made him a renowned cricketer. 

Shaheen Afridi Net Worth in 2023

At a very young age, he made a record of huge earnings. Can you believe it! Shaheen Afridi’s age is just 22, and he earns 55 crores yearly. The reason behind it is hard work and determination for his dreams. Moreover, Shaheen Afridi’s net worth is a collection of PSL, PCB, advertisements, and tournaments. 

  • He earns around 50 Lakh to 1 crore monthly. 
  • Shaheen Afridi has a PCB salary of about 1.25 million PKR.
  • PSL salary is $170,000.
  • The Brand Endorsement Fee is INR 20 to 50 lakh.

Shaheen Afridi Salary and achievements

He has categorized his salary, category A is a contrast signed with PCB, and he generates a revenue of about 1.25 million. If we count the PCB salary of 12 months, it is almost 63 lakhs in reference to PCB performance. 

  • ODI match fee PKR 25,000
  • Test match fee of 50,000
  • T20 match fee PKR 15,000
  • PSL salary $170,000

Moreover, Shaheen Afridi supports many brands like Ggmarmour, Faysal Bank, and more. His efforts in promoting brands make a good collection of his net worth. Shaheen Afridi’s net worth is a collaboration of his efforts and smart moves. He leads Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League and earns $170,000. 

Cars owned by Shaheen Shah Afridi

With the huge collection of money, one dream of having a various place, cars, plans for international outings, and whatnot. Shaheen Afridi chose to have cars in his garage. Here is a list of cars he owns. 

  1. Audi A8 Hybrid, which comes with a price of INR 1.3 crore 
  2. Toyota Revo Hilux, almost 40 Lakh
  3. Toyota Land Cruiser, INR 1.5 crore
  4. Honda Civic, INR 20 Lakh

Shaheen Afridi, the cricket sensation, not only excels on the pitch but also enjoys the finer things in life, particularly a collection of lavish cars that grace his garage. Among his impressive fleet are the Audi A8 Hybrid, a symbol of luxury with a price tag of INR 1.3 crore.

The rugged and powerful Toyota Revo Hilux, valued at over INR 35 lakh, complements his collection, while the Toyota Land Cruiser, priced at INR 1.5 crore and renowned for its opulence, stands tall.

Afridi’s taste for elegance extends to the sporty and stylish Honda Civic, valued at INR 20 lakh. His love for these extravagant automobiles adds another layer to his off-field charisma.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Sponsorships enhance reputation and contribute to better revenue. Most of the companies are in search of famous faces that will help them out in branding. Shaheen is earning well through the branding and endorsements. 

He is supporting sportswear brands, equipment manufacturing, and various business concepts that help him to multiply his earnings. This deal not only helps players to grow financially, but it is devoted to their public profile and makes them more famous. 

Real states and investment

Shaheen Afridi has been into real estate investments to make his future financially secure. Real estate is a safe and lucrative investment that gives you a high return and makes a stable income. Shaheen has not disclosed his real estate properties publicly yet, but he may have made a well-planned investment to ensure security. 

Helping hands for society

Shaheen Afridi believes in prospering and helping others for the same. He is actively involved in philanthropic efforts and helping many charitable aspects of healthcare, education, and many others. 

Shaheen Shah Afridi Personal information

Name Shaheen Afridi
Age 22 years old
Father’s NameAyaz Khan
Mother’s NameTo be updated soon
SiblingsEldest brother- Riaz Afridi and cousin brother- Yasir Afridi
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerAqsa Afridi
Date of Birth6th April 2000
Place of BirthLandi Kotal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Height200 cm or 6’6’’
Weight81 kg
Home TownLandi Kotal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Coach/Mentor Riaz Afridi
Batting StyleLeft-handed
Bowling StyleSlow left-arm orthodox
Net Worth$7 Million 
Yearly SalaryINR 63 lakhs
Domestic TeamsKhan Research Laboratories, Dhaka Dynamites, Balochistan, Lahore Qalandars, Hampshire, Middlesex, Northern, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Jersey Number # 10 for Pakistan

Early stage of Shaheen Afridi and his cricket life

In the heartland of Khyber Agency, Pakistan, on a bright April day in 2000, a cricket legend in the making was born. Shaheen Afridi, hailing from a family that cherished the sport, was destined for greatness right from the start. His journey through the world of cricket began in his childhood, with a bat and ball in hand, and today, he stands as a shining star in the cricketing galaxy.

Shaheen’s first taste of victory came when he donned the green jersey for the Under-16 and Under-19 Pakistan Cricket teams. His exceptional talent for delivering quick balls left everyone in awe, and it wasn’t long before he became a household name in the cricketing world.

Representing one’s country at a tender age is a dream for many, but for Shaheen, it was a proud moment not only for himself but for the entire nation. He entered the spotlight of the cricketing world with a bang, showcasing his immense potential and skill.

Shaheen’s journey took another leap when he joined the Pakistan Super League (PSL). This opportunity served as a crucible, refining his skills and transforming him into the dynamic player we know today. His bowling prowess is nothing short of incredible, with the ability to swing the ball both ways, leaving even the most seasoned batsmen baffled.

What sets Shaheen Afridi apart is his adaptability. Whether it’s a lightning-fast pitch or a sluggish wicket, this left-arm pacer knows how to get the job done. His versatility is a testament to his dedication and hard work, making him a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing world.

With each match, Shaheen Afridi’s net worth, not just in monetary terms but in terms of his reputation and legacy, continues to soar. He is more than just a cricketer; he is an inspiration for young talents across Pakistan and beyond.

As we watch Shaheen Afridi’s star continue to rise in the world of cricket, one thing is certain: the best is yet to come from this cricketing prodigy. So, keep an eye on this young sensation, for the world of cricket is about to witness greatness like never before.

International Debut for Pakistan

In 2018, Shaheen Afride met his first T20I against West Indies. His performance was outstanding, and he was prosperous in making his first impression. Shaheen played well in his ODI and kept his shine alive. Fans remember his five-wicket haul in the Asia Cup against Afghanistan, and his game-changing skills made him and his team renowned. 

One of his standout performances came in 2019 when he decimated the Sri Lankan batting lineup, claiming an astonishing 6 wickets for just 35 runs in an ODI. It was a performance that showcased his raw talent and hinted at the greatness that lay ahead.

In 2020, he demonstrated his prowess in the shortest format of the game, taking 5 wickets for a mere 32 runs against Australia in a T20I. This performance cemented his reputation as a versatile bowler who could excel in any format.

Afridi’s consistency and ability to deliver in crunch situations were on full display in 2021 when he secured 4 crucial wickets for just 30 runs against England in an ODI, helping Pakistan clinch a memorable victory.

What makes Shaheen Shah Afridi truly special are the remarkable records he has already etched in cricket’s history books. He holds the distinction of being the fastest bowler to reach 50 wickets in ODI cricket for Pakistan, a testament to his ability to make an impact at a young age. Additionally, he is the youngest Pakistani bowler to achieve a five-wicket haul in a T20I, a feat that underscores his prodigious talent.

Perhaps the most captivating feather in his cap is his hat-trick in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Afridi became the sole bowler to achieve this remarkable feat, a testament to his ability to rise to the occasion when the stakes are high.

As Shaheen Shah Afridi continues to evolve as a cricketer, one can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come. With his skill, determination, and a bright future ahead of him, he is not just a cricketing sensation; he is a symbol of hope for Pakistani cricket enthusiasts and an inspiration for aspiring fast bowlers around the world. Watch out for this rising star; he’s rewriting the narrative of Pakistan’s cricketing history with every delivery.

Here are some other stats that highlight Afridi’s performance in white-ball cricket:

  • He has taken 21 wickets in the first over of T20Is, the most by any bowler.
  • He has a strike rate of 20.5 in ODIs, the best among bowlers with at least 50 wickets.
  • He has a bowling average of 19.7 in T20Is, the second-best among bowlers with at least 45 wickets.

Victories in Test Cricket 

Shaheen Afridi’s age and his performance do really match? His performances are quite gigantic, irrespective of his age. In test cricket, he was cherished to share his test debut for his country. The ability to swing the ball in both ways and create a pace brought him to the limelight. Against New Zealand and South Africa, he was appointed as a crucial team member. Pakistan is truly blessed to have such a young, bright start in a team. 

One remarkable aspect of Afridi’s Test career is his proficiency in dismissing top-order batsmen. Out of his impressive tally of 105 wickets, 19 have been claimed in the first innings of matches. What’s truly remarkable is that 14 of those wickets have come before the 30th over, highlighting his ability to strike early and put pressure on the opposition right from the start.

But Afridi’s talents extend beyond the opening overs. He has also proven to be a master of the death overs, a skill set highly valued in modern cricket. With 13 wickets to his name at an average of 22.38 in the latter stages of innings, he has consistently delivered when the team needed him the most.

One of the standout moments of Afridi’s Test career came in 2021 when he faced off against the West Indies. In that memorable match, he showcased his bowling prowess by taking an astonishing 6 wickets for just 51 runs in the first innings. This remarkable performance not only helped Pakistan secure victory but also solidified his reputation as a game-changer on the international stage.

Another feather in his cap is a five-wicket haul against Sri Lanka, a testament to his ability to deliver in challenging conditions and against quality opposition. Afridi’s consistency is reflected in his remarkable achievement of taking 47 wickets in the calendar year of 2021, making him the highest wicket-taker in that year.

In the 2021-22 season, Shaheen Afridi continued to dominate, claiming a staggering 62 wickets, further cementing his status as one of the premier fast bowlers in the world.

What sets Afridi apart is not just his wicket-taking ability but also his potential. At just 22 years old, he has the world of Test cricket at his feet. With his incredible talent, knack for dismissing top-order batsmen, and exceptional performances under pressure, he has the potential to become the next great fast bowler from Pakistan.

In a sport where legends are born and celebrated, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Test career is undeniably on an upward trajectory. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await his future exploits, confident that he will continue to rewrite the record books and inspire generations to come.

Here are some other stats of Shaheen Afridi’s Test career:

  • Best bowling figures: 6 for 51 against West Indies in 2021
  • Most wickets against a single opponent: 21 against Sri Lanka
  • Most wickets in a calendar year: 47 in 2021
  • Highest wicket-taking bowler in the 2021-22 season: 62 wickets

The victories attracted money, and today, he holds $7 million. When you count the income of someone, we even need to calculate the effort, hardships, and endless practices.

Final words

Shaheen Afridi has set an example that hard work pays off and brings a glorious victory for sure. His journey was not that easy; after many hardships and dedication, today, a 22-year-old boy from a small town is shining. His love for Cricket and achievement reflects his honesty. Today, he holds a huge achievement in terms of financial stability.

At a very young age, he proved to be the best of his time. It’s not easy to start a game and earn huge money, but Shaheen tested the process, and now his financial success is remarkable. Shaheen Afridi’s age and achievements seem impossible, but this boy has made history by scoring the highest in terms of financial achievements. 

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