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What is Christian Eriksen’s miracle heart device that made his comeback in football possible?

What is Christian Eriksen's miracle heart device that made his comeback in football possible?

It’s been more than a year since Manchester United Star Christian Eriksen had collapsed on the pitch during Euro 2021 while playing against Finland.The midfielder was even given CPR and AED by the medical team.

Following his tragic collapse on the pitch a device was fitted with a hearting starting function in his body. The device is one of the reasons Christian is playing so well week in week out for the red devils.

How does ICD work?

The Tiny device which was fitted in Christian’s body is ICD which is known as Implantable Cardioverter defibrillator, the device is about a half size of a mobile phone which has thin wires leading to the area around his heart.

The ICD is fitted under the skin of the Denmark player usually near the armpit area and acts like a mini defibrillator. ICD is necessary due to rhythm disturbances , it sends electrical pulses to regulate abnormal heart rhythms.

It was decided by the Danish doctors to install ICD around Eriksen’s heart, ICD is normally a device fitted in your chest, that helps people dangerously with improper heart rhythms.

Christian’s opinion on this Miracle Device

The Danish Playmaker has his say on the miracle work done by the doctors by fitting ICD , Eriksen insists his heart will be the safest on the pitch because he has ICD Fitted. Christian also reveals that his family is on board with his comeback and he is now limitless now that he has ICD fitted .

Christian Eriksen reveals that he doesn’t remember anything when he was gone during the Euro 2021 clash, the Spurs man says that he doesn’t remember the moments but has seen the outcome and what it has done to his family, friends and teammates. Christians outlook on life has surely changed after this incident if not on football.


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