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Spanish Legend Casillas tweets he’s Gay; later delets it

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas tweets that he  is gay , the tweet is deleted then after some hours.

This weekend the World Cup winner had a speculation on him being gay after he reportedly announced it through his official twitter handle.

Casillas had a family with his Wife Sara Carbonero , Casillas also has two children and has still claimed himself as Gay infront of the Footballing world.

At first this  revelation was stated as being bold as it was posted officially by the Spanish Goalie. Later it was said that the news was false and it was then kind of a smoke screen for the fans.

Puyol’s Reply

Barcelona legend was dragged in this controversial tweet as soon as he replied to  Casillas tweet.

Puyol wrote that Its time to tell the world his and Casillas story but any of these were clearly denied later by the ex Barcelona Skipper who was then found kidding about the reply to the tweet.

The Media now has speculation over Puyol being gay since the tweet from Casillas was hacked by an unknown hacker.

Cassilas’ Account was Hacked

The Real madrid man then breaks silence over his apparent gender reveal as he told the media that his account was hacked by a hacker. The tweet was then deleted by Casillas and he even apologized to the LGBTQ Community after his reported revelation.

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