Spurs Hero Richarlison couldn’t hold back his tears after his brace in the Champions league.

Richarlison tearfully celebrated his goal as he gets treated with a dream debut in the UEFA Champions league by being the match winner for Tottenham Hotspur.

The talented winger was linked to many premier league sides and was keen on a move to a big club for some years. As soon as the Brazilian got his transfer completed to Conte’s side he seemed over the moon, the player has been a contributor under Conte’s side with assists and goals.

Richarlison’s ruled out goal against Fulham

In Gameweek 6 the Brazilian was left heartbroken as his goal was ruled out against Fulham, despite that spurs won 2-1. There is no doubt that the 25 year old is passionate as he celebrated the goal by throwing his kit off before the goal being ruled out and even received a yellow card by the refree for that .The player clearly has ambitions of playing a massive role in Antonio Conte’s side.

Richarlison’s match winning Brace against Marseille

Tottenham won 2-0 over 10 mean Marseille in the Champions league clash , the former toffee player was the difference in the match as he gave a heroic performance against the French side. Both the sides were struggling to find the back of the net although Spurs had created chances, the red card in the start of the second half was key to the premier league sides victory which was a poor foul on Son. Richarlison scored a brace , both of them being headers . The first one being a towering and second one being a powerful header just proved how good aerially the 25 year old was, the Brazilian is a strong addition to the squad .

An emotional celebration for the Brazilian Star

After scoring the match winning brace , richarlison ran towards the West Stand closest to him . He ran to his friends and family to hug them in tears as the moment he craved for had just come true.  Richarlison after signing for Spurs said “ I always said my dream was to play in the Champions league and now this dream will come true. Maybe I will cry because it will be a special moment. When the time comes I will be quite emotional”.

Surely the 25 year old couldn’t hold back his tears after scoring as he played a vital role and was named man of the match.

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