Why Atletico Madrid will have to start Griezmann in their next games

Griezmann’s situation at Atletico Madrid is intensifying day by day as the player regularly comes off the bench after 60 minutes in every match and this is because Madrid doesn’t want to pay the 40 million Euros for the striker to Barcelona.

But it’s very likely that the La Liga side won’t be able to do this for the entire season because it might be that this whole situation was created in order to threaten Barcelona to lower their valuation for the player cause if they don’t do that Atletico might continue on this route and Barca won’t receive any fee for the French International.

Griezmann’s contact infringement

But Barca also know that despite the fact that Atletico are trying to not sign him permanently, Antoine still remains one of the highest-earning player at their club. So will they really pay all of that money every single week for a player that starts on the bench and plays only 30 minutes?

So in that case Atletico might be hurting themselves and they also won’t be getting the value for the money they are spending on him.

Currently, the Spanish giants haven’t made a good start of the season cause they are at the moment 7th in the league after 4 games and the main reason for it is that they have not been good in attack as they need more quality in finishing.

And as the season goes on and if they do continue to struggle so it will be very risky for them to put the Frenchman on the bench cause if the situation gets worse they cannot afford to lose Champions League football next season.

In October, Simeone’s side has got 9 games in a month which in itself is crazy cause during those games it is very likely that they’re going to have injuries, there may be suspensions and at that moment Simeone cannot afford to start Griezmann on the bench as he has to rely on every single player in his squad.

Above all else, Antoine himself won’t be happy with this situation cause even if he scores a hattrick in a game, he knows he will start on the bench and that is demotivation for a player.

Especially in a World Cup year, the striker cannot afford to start on bench in every game as he needs to be in firing form. All in all, it would be interesting to see how this situation develops.

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