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Premier League Fixtures postponed as England mourns Queen Elizabeth’s demise

Premier league and all other sport events has been postponed following the demise of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

The English league has confirmed that the fixtures of Gameweek 7 are postponed , the Premier league confirmed it on Friday and there is a possibility that next weekend’s fixtures might have the same outcome.

Why is Gameweek 7 postponed in Premier League ?

The Queen passed away on  Thursday which shook the Great Britain citizens , the queen was 96 years old. With the news of the sad demise, the sporting nation show their love for the Majesty by postponing their games that were scheduled to be played this weekend.

Premier League’s Statement

The English league released a statement saying “ At a meeting this morning, Premier league clubs paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. To honour her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect, this weekend’s premier league round will be postponed, including Monday evening’s game. Further updates regarding Premier League fixtures during the period of mourning will be provided in due course”.

When will all back in action ?

It is said that the Premier league and sporting events will be shortly back as with the queens funeral which is due to take place within the next 10 days, next weeks Premier league fixtures might also get delayed . The fate of European competitions lie UCL,UEL and conference league is also uncertain for the next week as English clubs like Man city , Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and west ham is in the hands of the FA. This week the English clubs managed to play their fixtures, the demise took place before Europa and Conference league ties but they were surprisingly given a green light to play.

The Occupied Schedule

The Queen’s funeral is set to take place within a 10 day period which might lead to reschedule the Premier League, as the fixture list is already packed because of the Qatar World Cup in December this year. A gap of a week is very important to be found as the English league needs atleast one round of gameweek to carry on according to this year’s calendar plan.

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