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Ravindra Jadeja calls Sanjay Manjrekar “dear friend” on twitter; Manjrekar responds

The whole country is aware of the tension between Ravindra Jadeja and Sanjay Manjrekar. Their love-hate relationship seems to have taken a new turn in the recent weeks. And perhaps it is for the best of the two parties involved.

Jadeja and Manjrekar have had enough encounters on the internet for the people to know that both the player and the commentators cannot be kept in the same room. However, recently a turn of event has taken place that suggests maybe things have gotten better.

It was just a few weeks ago when Ravindra Jadeja played a marvelous knock in Asia Cup 2022. Sanjay Manjrekar was tasked with the responsibility of interviewing him.

And the very first question Sanjay Manjrekar asked had the nation in splits.

“First question – You are ok to talk to me? Right, Jaddu?” to which Jadeja replied: “Yeah, yeah (laughs). Absolutely!!”

This was perhaps one of the internet breaking moments considering the beef between the two. However only a week later, the duo seem to have been caught in another one.

Ravindra Jadeja shares picture of Manjrekar calls him dear friend

The event took place yesterday when Ravindra Jadeja shared an image of Sanjay Manjrekar and captioned it, “Watching my dear friend on screen @sanjaymanjrekar.” This comment set the internet on fire.

Simultaneously, it also confused the fand and pundits, whether it was a genuine comment or another jab aimed by Jadeja at Manjrekar.

If this was not enough, Manjrekar replied to this comment saying “Ha ha… and your dear friend looking forward to seeing you on the field soon :)”

There has been no clarification available from either side on these comments. But the fans will be hoping that it is the end between the fight between the two.

In the mean time let’s understand what actually caused a rift between the two.

Fight between Ravindra Jadeja and Sanjay Manjrekar

The beef between Manjrekar and Jadeja began in the 2019 world cup. During one of the pre-match shows, Manjrekar commented on Jadeja’s prowess. And called him a “bits and pieces player.”

By this comment he meant that Ravindra Jadeja might have established himself as a great all rounder in Tests, but in limited overs he’s got room for improvement.

Jadeja was not at all happy with this comment though. In retaliation he wrote in one of his tweets, “Still I have played twice the number of matches you have played and I’m still playing. Learn to respect ppl who have achieved. I have heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea.”

This battle between the two had a huge impact on Manjrekar’s commentating career. Reports believe that he was sacked from commentary team of Star Sports after it.

In one of the post-match presentation Manjrekar also issued an apology by saying “Ravindra Jadeja has blown me into bits and pieces with his batting.” But it did nothing good for him.

And not to mention, since that knock in the world cup, Jadeja become a sensation in Indian Cricket. Especially in limited overs where his quick-fire knocks at the end has won India several games.


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