Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend| Documentary Release Date and Where to Watch, and How to Stream

Apple TV is all set to present the world with another documentary that will deep dive into the narrative of Lionel Messi the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner.

Earlier in the year, Apple released a documentary named “Messi Meets America,” which has been a great hit with the fans, and had received great reception. And now, Apple TV is all set to bring forth another series, which will bring details from the FIFA World Cup.

This series is called “Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend.”

Watch Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend

Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend is the latest addition to the famous documentaries on footballers and teams that are already present out in the mass media.

The main idea behind the series is to tell the world about everything that there is know about the journey of Lionel Messi, through the five FIFA World Cups in which he has represented his country in.

Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend is produced in honor of the man who has completed football. Lionel Messi is the only footballer in the whole world who has won everything there is to win in his career. From team accolades like league titles, to individual records such as Ballon D’or.

What is Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend about?

Apple TV has released the teaser trailer of its latest series which will be based on Lionel Messi, the global footballing icon. According to sources, the series will be a four part affair.

As per the documentary’s synopsis, it reads “In his own words, Lionel Messi tells the definitive story of his incredible career with the Argentina national football team, providing an intimate and unprecedented look at his quest for a legacy-defining World Cup victory.”

The series description on the official websites reads that the series will follow “the legend’s epic journey through five world cups, culminating in 2022’s triumph. As the champion run unfolds, Messi shares some of his most personal reflects- on his national team career and the challenges h’s faced.”

This series has to be one of it’s kind because it gives great insight into what must have followed behind the scenes for an iconic legend like Messi failing to win the one trophy he wanted the most.

Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend documentary release date

The ‘Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend’ documentary will be premiering February 21, 2024.

It is set to be a four-part series following Messi’s time with the Argentine national side, tracking the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner’s incredible career in the build up to the 2022 World Cup triumph.

Where to watch & stream ‘Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend’ documentary

The ‘Messi’s World Cup: Rise of a Legend’ documentary will be available to watch and stream on Apple TV+ – available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions, on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and other smart TV devices, as well as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast on Google TV.

The Apple TV app is also available on games consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox devices and can be accessed via a web browser and at tv.apple.com, for $6.99 a month in the US or £6.99 a month in the UK.

Lionel Messi in World Cup Odyssey

As one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi’s journey with the Argentine national team in the World Cup has been a rollercoaster ride of highs, heartbreaks, and undying determination. The maestro first graced the global stage in the 2006 World Cup held in Germany. Although Argentina fell short of the ultimate glory, Messi’s youthful exuberance and dazzling displays left an indelible mark. His agility, precise dribbling, and innate goal-scoring ability showcased a glimpse of the footballing genius that would define an era.

In 2010, South Africa witnessed Messi’s evolution into a captain and talisman. Despite an impressive run to the quarterfinals, Argentina faced an untimely exit. Messi, however, emerged as the tournament’s top scorer for his team, illustrating his growing influence on the pitch.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil was a poignant chapter in Messi’s World Cup saga. Guiding Argentina to the final, Messi’s brilliance illuminated the tournament. His four goals, including a stunning last-minute winner against Iran, displayed sheer individual brilliance. Despite a heartbreaking loss in the final to Germany, Messi’s performances earned him the Golden Ball, recognizing him as the tournament’s best player.

Four years later, Russia 2018 presented another opportunity for Messi to etch his name in World Cup history. The pressure mounted, but Messi responded with resilience. His magical goal against Nigeria carried Argentina into the knockout stages. However, France halted their journey in the Round of 16. Messi’s commitment and leadership, though, remained unwavering.

As Messi prepares for yet another shot at World Cup glory in 2022, the narrative is one of determination and unfinished business. The Argentine squad, with Messi at the helm, is poised to script another chapter in their storied World Cup history. The footballing world eagerly awaits, wondering if this will be the tournament where Messi leads Argentina to the pinnacle and cements his legacy as one of the greatest to ever grace the World Cup stage.

Who is Lionel Messi?

In the illustrious tapestry of Argentine football, the name Lionel Messi gleams as a beacon of unparalleled excellence. Messi’s journey in the realm of football is not just a story of individual brilliance but a saga of rewriting record books and etching his name in the annals of sporting history.

Born in Rosario, Argentina, Messi’s tryst with football began at a tender age. His prodigious talent quickly caught the eye of scouts, and his journey took a defining turn when he joined the renowned Barcelona youth academy, La Masia. Little did the world know that this diminutive Argentine would go on to redefine the sport.

Messi’s career is a narrative woven with personal accolades that stand as a testament to his extraordinary skills. His record-breaking spree includes claiming the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or, now known as The Best FIFA Men’s Player, on multiple occasions. The Argentine maestro has sculpted a legacy as the player with the most Ballon d’Or wins, an embodiment of consistent brilliance on the football pitch.

Beyond individual honors, Messi has been a prolific goal-scorer throughout his career. From audacious solo runs to clinical finishes, he has mesmerized fans with a goal-scoring prowess that is both prolific and poetic. The historic 2011-2012 season saw Messi achieve an unprecedented feat, netting a staggering 73 goals in all competitions—an accomplishment that solidified his status as one of the greatest goal-scorers in the history of the sport.

The Argentine’s partnership with Barcelona has been nothing short of iconic. Messi played an instrumental role in propelling Barcelona to numerous domestic and international triumphs, including multiple UEFA Champions League titles. His ability to seamlessly blend finesse, vision, and goal-scoring acumen has been the cornerstone of Barcelona’s success in the past decade.

Messi’s journey also took an unexpected turn in 2021 when he bid farewell to Barcelona, the club he had called home for over two decades, owing to financial constraints faced by the club. His subsequent move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) added a new chapter to his storied career.

As Messi continues to dazzle the footballing world with his artistry, his journey remains an indelible tale of a footballing genius who, against all odds, has conquered every peak and left an indelible mark on the sport—a journey that transcends borders and resonates with football enthusiasts worldwide.


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