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Mbappe-Neymar feud reignites; Frenchman doesnt want Neymar in the PSG team at all

Reportedly the relationship between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe has worsened this season , it is said that the 22 year old ‘ doesn’t want Neymar to be in the PSG team at all’. The pair had have their saying on each other during the international breaks too and the negative relationship could put PSG’s good start to the season in jeopardy.

Mbappe vs Neymar

The pair aren’t on good terms and have seemed to make it worse this season at PSG, it has gone from cool to polar this season for the duo. It is reported that Mbappe doesn’t want the Brazilian at the club at all and Neymar is left stunned with the influence the French striker has over the PSG dressing room. The relation between the duo has gone all downhill since the start of the season quickly.

Real Madrid were snubbed by Mbappe this summer as he was offered a better deal by PSG which was an extension, PSG had to break the bank for Mbappe. Ever since the duo has been in this situation.

Mbappe approved Neymar’s exit

It is reported that Mbappe would not oppose the sale of Neymar who has been with the PSG squad since 2017 as they look to reshape. However, the Brazilian didn’t depart from France and was convinced that Mbappe was one of the reasons the management were trying to sell him.

The duo smile and celebrate goals with each other for the cameras but behind the scenes the relationship has been cold. Lionel Messi is said to be the mediator in their relationship and handles stuff.

Mbappe on his post match interview after beating Austria said “I have a lot more freedom here . In Paris, it’s different , there isn’t that. I am asked to do the pivot, it is different.”

Whereas Neymar was questioned on his relations with Mbappe and he replied “with Kylian?” and left the Interview.

Penalty Dispute between the PSG Duo

The pair had a discussion over the penalty during PSG’s 5-2 win over Montpellier. Mbappe had failed to convert a penalty earlier in the game and decided to take the second one which was opposed by Neymar. However , the Brazilian took the penalty and scored.

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