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Pro Kabaddi: Sachin’s super 10 helps Patna Pirates beat UP Yoddha by 34-29

Patna Pirates announce their comeback to the Pro Kabaddi season 9 with an emphatic victory of 34-29 over the UP Yoddhas.

It was a cagy encounter to begin with as both the team approached the game cautiously. They banked heavily on their defenses, with their raiders doing the bare minimum.

However, suddenly there was a shift in momentum as Patna’s defense fired in the form of Monu. The all rounder for Patna picked some priced raiders in the form of Pradeep and Surendra Gill.

This performance of his dented the attacking prowess of UP Yoddhas in the first half. On the other hand, Rohit Ghulia and Sachin kept chipping away with points. As a result, Patna led the game at halftime with 13-11.

Patna began the second half with same intensity, but there was a shift in gears by Yoddhas. And It was none other than Pradeep Narwal who brought this change.

Pradeep Narwal changes the tide of the game

The former Patna Pirates captain performed a super raid that saw 5 touch points being devoured in the same raid. A defense of six set up to stop the dubki king, was reduced to just one player on the mat.

And that player too was soon tacked down in the next raid. Leaving UP Yoddhas one point in the lead.

Everyone thought that it would be the decisive moment of the game. And that it would bring momentum in Yoddhas favour.

But Patna had different ideas. Sachin and Rohit went about business as usual and continued to accumulate points.

Sachin’s last ditch effort swings game in Patna’s way

The final nail in the coffin came in the dying ambers of the game. It was a super tackle situation in Yoddhas favor that ended up costing them the match.

This was made possible by some brilliance by Sachin who managed to escape in a defense of three. Causing a massive erupt and an all out for UP Yoddhas with just 30 seconds on the board.

Both Sachin and Rohit turned out to be the game changers for Patna Pirates. They accumulated 11 and 7 points respectively.

Pradeep Narwal managed 12 points for his team. But it ended up on the losing side.

With these 5 points, Patna Pirates move up to the 10th position on the points table. One point behind the UP Yoddhas.


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