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Ankit Jaglan Patna Pirates Pro Kabaddi Season by season Stats, bio, and personal information

The Pro Kabaddi League stands as a beacon for unearthing raw, untapped talent from the remotest corners of India, an annual spectacle that introduces the world to budding kabaddi virtuosos. Throughout its storied history, the league has been instrumental in propelling individuals from obscurity to the limelight, showcasing the innate prowess of players like Pradeep Narwal, Pawan Sehrawat, Naveen Kumar, and Sidhharth Desai, who have etched their names in the annals of kabaddi glory.

This season, the spotlight falls on a rising luminary from the Patna Pirates camp – Narender Kandola. His journey epitomizes the league’s commitment to discovering and nurturing exceptional talents, offering a stage for them to shine on a national platform. Pro Kabaddi serves as a crucible, where passion meets performance, transforming relatively unknown players into household names.

Narender Kandola’s ascent to prominence symbolizes the league’s unique ability to continually unveil new stars. In the fast-paced, high-stakes arena of kabaddi, the league not only entertains but also serves as a conduit for dreams to materialize. As we witness Kandola’s dazzling feats, it becomes abundantly clear that the Pro Kabaddi League remains an unparalleled catalyst for the meteoric rise of young Indian kabaddi talents, forging a legacy that resonates far beyond the confines of the playing field.

Ankit Jaglan Personal Information

Full NameAnkit Jaglan
Date of BirthNot Known
Current teamPatna Pirates
Town/City/VillagePanipat, Harayana

Ankit Jaglan, the rising star of PRo Kabaddi League (PKL) 2023, comes from Nauhra village in Panipat, Harayana. He was born into a family who had no background of Kabbadi. Despite of this, Ankit started his Kabbadi journey at the age of nine. Right from the start, Ankit took new heights in the sports. Being a sole kabbadi player in his family, it was difficult in the initial period. He played with his neighbor in a ground in his village. 

Ankit Jaglan Pro Kabaddi League Stats

SeasonMatchesTackle pointsHigh FivesRaid Points

Ankit Jaglan Background

Ankit Jaglan’s professional Kabaddi journey started in 2012-13. He was inspired by the players in his village. Where his start was not easy, the journey was also not roses and fairy tales. He experienced numerous challenges, including injuries. But in this process, he always had the support of his friends and family. They never left his side and motivated him to do better. 

Ankit Jaglan played Junior Nationals for Haryana  in 2016-17, earned a spot at SAI in Sonepat, and later joined the Red Army team. It enhanced Ankit’s journey and the transition from there to the Pro Kabaddi League was seamless. He was coached by Redu Sir and Chaprana Sir, who brought the best out of Ankit. 

Ankit Jaglan, being a defender, took inspiration from Joginder Narwal. He played a crucial role in shaping his defensive skills. His elder brother, Sonu and parents became his support system and helped him achieve what he is today. Ankit was dedicated and disciplined toward his passion. It attracted the coaches and he made his entry into the Pro Kabaddi League. 

Ankit Jaglan PKL Stats: Season by Season

SeasonMatchesTackle pointsHigh FivesRaid Points

Ankit jaglan has been a household name for Patna Pirates in the latest season of Pro kabaddi league. Starting as a defender for the team, the player has shown some early glimpses of becoming a star in the coming future of the tournament.

The player is still very both in age and experience at the biggest stage of the game. Hence, he might falter in his approach as a player for the Patna Pirates, but his stats are still impressive.

Ankit Jaglan’s stats for Patna Pirates are pretty average after 7 games. With 5 points coming in a single game, the player has managed to capture just 10 points in the remainder of 6 games, which concerns the fans.

With time, he will definitely return to the top of the game with better stats.


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