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Pro Kabaddi: Arjun Deshwal completes 250 raid points in PKL 9

There is one player in the PKL 9 who has not had a single bad day and his name is Arjun Deshwal. The right raider from Jaipur Pink Panthers has been phenomenal and he has the record to show for it.

In the second game of the night on Saturday, Jaipur Pink Panthers took on Bengal Warriors. Having already qualified for the playoffs, you would think that Jaipur would rest a few players.

But that was not the case, and they had taken to the mat with their best 7. As a result, what unfolded on the mat was nothing short of a spectacle. And the center piece of it was none other than the star raider Arjun Deshwal.

Arjun Deshwal completes 250 raid points

In this game, Arjun Deshwal became the first player of PKL to reach 250 raid points. In just 20 games he completed this feat, meaning that he has an average of 10.5 throughout this tournament.

Arjun picked up a total of 22 points in the game. This is 6 points more than the second-best raider of the game, which is Shrikant Jadhav.

With these points Arjun consolidates his lead at the top of the table of top raiders. From the very start of this tournament, Arjun and Bharat have been in a cat-mouse race.

But finally, it seems that Arjun has taken a lead, since Bharat has not been able to make it big for Bengaluru Bulls recently.

The only question that remains unanswered is, how many points will Arjun pick this season?

The current record for most points in a season is held by Pardeep Narwal and Pawan Sehrawat. Both raiders have picked 346 points in a season on different occasions.

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