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PKL9: Narender Hoshiyar, Maninder Singh score super 10s in high scoring tie between Tamil Thalivas and Bengal Warriors

High scoring encounters are one of the most thoroughly enjoyed aspect of Pro Kabaddi. And Narender Hoshiyar and Maninder Singh ensured to give something like to their fans.

Both the raiders and their teams, Tamil Thalivas and Bengal Warriors, played out a high scoring tie which ended 41-all.

It was one of the closest encounters of Vivo Pro Kabaddi League season 9. And a point in the last raid of Tamil Thalivas decided the fate of the game.

Unlike yesterday’s encounter between Bengaluru Bulls and Haryana Steeler which was a low scoring encounter, there was points galore to have in today’s second match.

Battle between Narender Hoshiyar and Maninder Singh

When the fans saw that it was an encounter between Narender and Maninder, they knew that there were several points to be had. And both the raiders neither disappointed their fans nor the general fans of Pro Kabaddi.

The match started with Tamil Thalivas in the front seat. Lead by none other than Narender Hoshiyar in the raiding department.

Although that was not all, even their defense did a pretty good job to ensure that mighty Maninder was kept in check. As a result, the first half ended in their favor.

At the halfway mark, Tamil Thalivas were leading the score chart with 26 points to 14.

However, a turn in the tide occurred in the second half as the Mighty Mani rose from his sleep to take the Tamil Thalivas’ defense by storm.

He singlehandedly scored half of the points in the start of the second half. Suddenly there was no tactic that Thalivas previously employed would work on him.

He scored multi point raids that too in bunches to inflict two all outs in the second half on Tamil Thalivas. Then with some support from Deepak Nivas Hooda saw Bengal in lead in the match for the first time.

Their happiness was short-lived though as Ajinkya Pawar of Thalivas came into the game. And levelled the lead in a matter of seconds.

A raider’s paradise

The real drama played out in the final two raids of the game. With both the teams tied at 40-40, mighty Maninder brought a point in his final raid.

And since Narender was not on the mat for Thalivas, a comeback was tough. But not impossible and that is what Ajinkya Pawar showed by picking up a touch point.

The game ended at 41-41 and both the teams shared 3 points among themselves.

Maninder emerged as the best raider of the game with 19 points to his name. Narender on the other hand had 15 to his name as well. While Deepak Nivas Hooda and Ajinkya Pawar scored 10 and 9 points respectively.


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