Mirabai Chanu wins first gold for India at CWG 2022; breaks several records

Mirabai Chanu wins first gold for India at CWG 2022; breaks several records
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Mirabai Chanu steps up to billions of expectations and shatters a handful of records to win the first gold for India at Commonwealth Games 2022.

It was only a year ago; the date was 24 July 2021, when she came up second in the Tokyo Olympics. Her silver medal was the stepping stone for India’s performance in that tournament. But on Saturday, 30 July 2022, things were different.

The Mirabai Chanu we all have grown to love was not present at the stage to win the gold. She had other ambitions on her mind because her biggest enemy was not her opposition. Rather her own self.

Hence, she took up the stage to defeat her doubts and fulfill her expectations. And rest as well know by now is history.

In the first round, other lifters went for a rudimentary 60kg. But a determined Chanu lifted 86kgs, giving her a lead of 26 kgs. Then she matched her personal best of 88 kgs in the second attempt before going for the records breaking 90 kg, which she failed.

She began the clean and jerk with a 109 kg, and a successful attempt sealed her the medal. Although that did not satisfy her, she returned for a successful attempt of 113kgs. Chanu failed in her final attempt of 115kgs.

The Indian lifter managed a total of 210 kg – 88kg in snatch and 113 kg in Clean & Jerk. Henceforth creating a record at Commonwealth Games for the 49 Kg category, breaking her personal best. And the national record too.

Mirabai the favorite to win gold

Mirabai was always the hot favorite coming into the Games. Even before the tournament started, she was putting up 25 kg more than her second best could manage.

Hence, when she managed to create a difference of 29 kgs at CWG, not many were surprised. But everyone was delighted nonetheless. After all, it was gold to India nevertheless.


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