CWG2022: Nitu Ghanghas wins first gold for India in boxing

CWG2022: Nitu Ganghas won first gold for India in boxing
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Boxing has been that one sport in which India has done a great job over the years. And Nitu Ghanghas gold in the women’s final added another feather to the hat.

On Sunday, she defeated Demie-Jade Resztan of England 5-0 in the final of the minimum weight category. With this victory, she registered the first medal for India in boxing in CWG 2022.

Nitu Ghanghas’ great journey in the CWG2022

With her lean built and long arms, Nitu had been a force to reckon with in her weight division. Right from the get-go, she had been an automatic favourite in any fight she participated in. 

Nitu Ghanghas started her CWG 2022 campaign against Canada’s Priyanka Dhillon. That bout ended in an RSC in the final round, giving Nitu a 5-0 victory. 

The real show of her prowess came in the quarterfinal round against Nicole Clyde of Northern Ireland. Nitu Ghanghas knocked her opponent twice in the first two rounds in that bout. Hence, in the final round, the player was forced to abandon the match with seconds to go.

Nitu Ghanghas’ final against the English woman has to be one of the most physical fights in the weight category. Both the women were not afraid of taking their chances and landed some mighty blows. Such was the physicality of the match that both the fighters even tumbled to the floor during the bout.

However, at the end of the match, it was Nitu who was more proactive than the two. As a result, she was crowned champion of the category.

Nitu became the first boxer of the Indian contingent to win a medal. And she started with gold. Her heroics were replicated by Nikhat Zarine and Amit Panghal in their finals.

At the end of the day, India registered three golds from the boxing arena.

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