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Annu Rani: a journey from sugarcane fields to winning bronze in Commonwealth Games 2022

Annu Rani: a story from sugarcane fields to winning bronze in Commonwealth Games 2022
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Just like many Indian athletes, Annu Rani also scripted history for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022. She became the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Javelin event.

Annu Rani was one of the only three athletes to have touched the 60-meter mark on the day. It took Annu four attempts to reach the spot, but it was enough to win her the first CWG bronze.

Annu Rani wins first medal in Javelin throw for India

This medal made Annu Rani only the third Indian ever to win a medal in this sport. Earlier, her compatriot Neeraj Chopra and Kashinath Naik had managed to secure gold and bronze, respectively.

In the absence of Neeraj Chopra this year, Annu Rani decided to take up the charge to win a medal in the event.

While the whole country is rejoicing in her laurels, only a few are aware of her struggles. Yes, the bronze medalist has had her fair share of struggles in life too. Coming up from an economically weak family, she started her career in the sugarcane field.

Annu Rani’s story from Sugarcane field to CWG podium

After the medal, Anand Mahindra, the famous businessman, shared the heart-melting story of Annu Ranni and her struggles to reach heights.

According to a report by Indianexpress, Annu’s brother taught her how to throw a javelin. In his own world, Upendra told Indian Express that he was a runner and was fascinated by javelins. One day he decided to ask his sister, who had a strong hand, to try the Javelin throw.

“Annu agreed, but the immediate hurdle was to find a coach and a javelin,” Upendra pointed out. They decided to practice with Sugarcanes before moving on to bamboos. Eventually, they found a sponsor, and Annu got her first javelin.

Upendra, without any former knowledge of the game himself, started training his sister. And she won a national medal under his guidance in 2011.

Later she went under the wing of Kashinath Naik (2010 CWG Bronze medalist) and won several medals, including the Asian Games bronze.

After that,  Annu Rani did not look back and went on to smash several national records before registering her first CWG bronze in 2022.

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