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Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara announce separation Via Social Media; Know details

Mauro Icardi’s marriage with Wanda Nara is over now , it has been quite a love saga for the Argentinian.

The split was made official by Wanda Nara just weeks after Mauro Icardi joined Galatasaray , it is allegedly said that their relationship was one of the reasons the PSG man took a transfer to the Turkish club . The couple has been on and off for months which led to speculation of them being split but as it appears now it is official.

Wanda Nara’s Words on Social Media

Wanda posted a story on her Instagram handle confirming that her relationship with Mauro Icardi is now over and stated that it is good for the children as well. Wanda said “But given my exposure and the things that are transcending and the media speculation, it is preferable that they know about it from me.”

I have nothing more to clarify and I am not going to give any kind of details about this separation. Please, I ask that you understand not only for me, but also for our children” Wanda added .

Wanda was Ex-wife of Maxi Lopez Icardi’s former teammate

Mauro Icardi got married to this teammate’s wife , Wanda Nara back in 2014. Nara was formerly married to Maxi Lopez for 5 years [ 2008-2013]. Maxi Lopez used to play for Barcelona and accused his wife Wanda of having an affair with Icardi while the duo were teammates at Sampdoria.

Mauro Icardi’s Side of the Saga

Mauro Icardi has always been a ladiesman as he has had an affair with China Suarez in 2021 following that Wanda Nara and Icardi’s relationship became a media scandal .Both Wanda and Mauro were on the verge of separation after Icardi’s affair with China Suarez but they decided to be together.

The Argentinian was not played in PSG because of his dramatic love life off the field, it is said that Icardi took a transfer to Galatasaray in order to go away from his wife who would live Paris. Mauro Icardi thinks that they are not separated and that her wife has been completing her works commitments in Argentina.

In voice message Wanda Nara said that “ I’m organizing things for the divorce because I cant do it anymore and because I asked for a divorce”.

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