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Louis Van Gaal axes Tim Krul; says there is “no future” for the keeper in Netherland’s squad for World Cup 2023

Louis Van Gaal ruthlessly tells Tim Krul that his World Cup dreams are over after the Dutch keeper refused to take part in a special penalty training.

Why was Tim Krul Axed Brutally by the Holland Boss

Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal has told Norwich keeper that he wont be a part of the squad and the goalie refused to take part in the specialist penalty training session . Krul was even left out of the Nations league squad after this act.

Apparently, Tim Krul was not even there in the squad and despite of that he didn’t take part in the training which led to the outrageous decision by Louis Van Gaal.

Krul had not been selected for the Nations league fixtures which sparkled anger and led to his response of not participating for the special penalty session. Interestingly the Holland boss wanted to use the krul as a “specialist at saving penalties” because the session was all about saving spot kicks. Krul has also won Netherlands penalty shootouts before but his recent act led to the the outcome of him not being on the plane to Qatar.

The Orange’s Coach speaks out!

Van Gaal said “Krul  called me to tell me that he will pass” Louis said. “I thought it was a shame, because I know that he stops the most penalties in terms of statistics.”  The Dutch boss further added “There is no future for him at the orange , because he did not want to come. That is the consequence of his decision . I’ve always thought that you  can train a penalty kick. Not the moment and pressure, but you can automate your process and that gives you confidence.”“I have convinced the boys that they can do something with it, that the players at the club will train for penalties. You cannot change the training policy at their club, but you can request them to practice their own penalty kicks”.

Netherlands will be without Tim Krul for their World Cup which is just two months away as per Louis Van Gaal.

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