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Mason Greenwood arrested for breaching his bail conditions

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood is once again arrested by Police. This time he has been allegedly reported to have breached his bail conditions.

Mason Greenwood was arrested for the first time in 2021 on the suspicions of rape, physical assaults, and murder threats. However, he was later released on bail as the UK court couldn’t find enough evidence against him.

On Saturday he was arrested once again though on the suspicion of breaching his bail conditions. According to Marca, Greenwood has been arrested for trying to contact his ex-girlfriend and prime victim of the case.

Greater Manchester Police department arrests Mason Greenwood

This action of his has put his freedom in jeopardy as the player was not supposed to get in contact with the victim in any way. As a result, Greenwood has been arrested.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said in a statement: “Greater Manchester Police are aware of an allegation regarding a 21-year-old man breaching his bail conditions and an arrest has been made on Saturday 15 October 2022. Enquiries are ongoing at this time.”

The club however has abstained from making any statement on the situation. They had claimed earlier to stand in solidarity with the police. And will not make any comment on the situation as long as the investigation continues.

Manchester United suspended their forward after the initial investigation launched by Greater Manchester Police. The misdeeds of Greenwood on his girlfriend were shared to the world via social media.

Following which, the police launched a probe.

Manchester United did not made any comment regarding the situation back then. And merely removed the player from their squad.

Greenwood did not make a return despite being granted a bail in the case earlier this year.


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