“Arrest Kohli” trends on social media after a Virat Kohli supporter killes a Rohit Sharma fan in Tamil Nadu

Shit hits the roof after a Rohit Sharma fan kills a Virat Kohli fan during a heated debate.

Dharmaraj, an RcB and Virat Kohli supporter, murdered his friend over a disagreement about who was the better player, Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli. His friend, Vignesh, a Rohit Sharma admirer, lost his cool during the debate and began personally criticizing Dharmaraj about his body and speech challenges.

On a Tuesday night in Mallur, the two buddies named P Vignesh and Dharmaraj were drinking near SIDCO Industrial Estate and discussing cricket.

Virat kohli fan kills his friend in Tamil Nadu for supporting Rohit Sharma

The conversation became heated, and Dharmaraj, a Kohli and RCB supporter, became enraged and attacked Vignesh, a Rohit lover, with a bottle and cricket bat, killing Vignesh. Dharmaraj then departed the scene of his death.

According to the police, Vignesh began to insult Dharmaraj throughout the heated debate, even body shaming him for having a speech impairment and comparing his performance to Kohli and RCB’s. “During their dispute, Vignesh allegedly made fun of RCB and Virat Kohli.

Vignesh had a habit of ridiculing Dharmaraj, who stammered. On that day, he made some remarks equating the RCB team to Dharmaraj’s speaking trouble. Dharmaraj became enraged and attacked Vignesh with a bottle before hitting him in the head with a cricket bat. Dharmaraj quickly fled the scene stated the cops

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