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Eric Baily reveals Behind the Scenes at Manchester United; slams management and dressing room environment

Ex- Manchester United defender slams the dressing room and coaching management of the club and states that what convinced him to leave the English side.

Eric on Marseille

The Ivorian joined French side Marseille on loan from the red devils this season and was clearly unimpressed with the management and treatment of the United staff. The defender recently stated that his conversations with the Marseille chief has been ‘’smooth and easy”. Baily added “ I only knew him as the president of Marseille , not as a person”

Baily’s comments on Parent club United

Eric Baily: “The club should avoid favoring English players and give everyone a chance . The club should encourage competition in the dressing room. I always had the impression that the English player was favoured, that’s not the case at Chelsea or other big Premier league clubs. Some takeit for granted that they are going to start, and that weakens the team.”

Ivorian Star on Ten hag

The Ivorian then praised Erik Ten Hag by saying  

“I met Erik Ten Hag in the dressing room at the end of the last  season, I was packing  my things because my intention was to leave but he told me he wanted me to stay because he was going to give minutes to everyone. Eric then added,

“ Fortunately, [Erik] Ten Hag has a lot of character and I hope I can change that and I hope he can change that dynamic ”.

Erik Ten Hag on Baily’s Comments

The Dutch manager shared his team selection policy as he insisted that nationality is irrelevant . During the press match conference for United’s fixture against Real Sociedad the Ex- Ajax manager was asked if nationality of players was an issue for him. Ten Hag replied “Not for me”

English Players favouritisim and priority

No doubt the comments made by baily were logical as the Ivorian was rarely in the starting line up or the team sheet , he was replaced by Harry Maguire. Even after back to back MOTMS and keeping clean sheets the defender was benched for Harry who was favoured, that’s probably the reason Baily decided to take a dig at Harry. Ten hag not starting gave the defender a positive feeling too that the dutch can change the dynamic of the club.


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