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Neymar takes footballing world with storm; scores 8 goals in 6 games for PSG

The Brazilian sensation Neymar is indeed back to his best after an incredible start to the new season that he is experiencing. This is happening after years of stagnation in Paris, and now he indeed showing the potential that he once reached in Barcelona which made PSG sign him back in 2017.

PSG signed the winger for an astronomical amount of 222 Million Euros but since his arrival, the move has been recognised as a failure cause he has been showing only flashes of brilliance and has been inconsistent most of the time.

One of the main reasons for that is, he been injured many times at the Ligue 1 club which made him miss many of the games including the knockout stages in the Champions League and it even affected him mentally and physically too.

Prolific performance of Neymar in League 1 and Champions league

He could not deliver the Champions League at the club which everyone were expecting for him to do that, so hierarchy of PSG had even agreed to sell him this summer but no club in the footballing world was ready to sign the winger. Since the criticism and everything else, Neymar has complete;y transformed his form in the new campaign.

There were flashes of his great form in the pre season but since the season kick off, he was totally unstoppable. In the opening game of the Champions League, he scored 1 goal and provided a sensational assist to Mbappe too. However in Ligue 1, he is tearing the opponents apart the Brazilian has a total goal contribution of 14 in which he has scored 8 goals and provided 6 assists in just 7 games.

So if he manages to continue this form throughout the season, there is no doubt that he can finally take PSG to Champions League glory like he did with FC Barcelona in 2015. The front 3 of Mbappe-Messi-Neymar is also in incredible form this season so that is surely a positive for the new coach Christophe Galtier.

Now that the World Cup is arriving too, Neymar would be trying to achieve that as this could be the last chance to win the trophy after failures of 2014 and 2018. All in all, he could have a great season for both club and country.

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