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Zverev injury update: German tore “several ligaments” in French Open semifinal

After suffering a gory injury in the semifinal bout of Roland Garros, Zverev has opened up about his injury.

It was a high-intensity match in which Alexander Zverev and Nadal were locked head-to-head. With a finals position in the French open up for grab, both sets of players gave it their all.

The game would turn out to be one of the most memorable ones of the season. Until the German suffered a nasty injury in the second set of the game. Following this, he has ushered off the court in a wheelchair. Later he had to retire due to his injury. As a result, Nadal was given a ticket to the final.

Zverev on his injury

Talking about his injury on social media, Zverev posted a message for his fans. in the message he said:

“Based on the first medical checks, it looks like I have torn several lateral ligaments in my right foot, I want to thank everyone all over the world for the kind messages that I have received since yesterday. Your support means a lot to me right now! I will try to keep you updated as much as possible on further developments.”

The semi-final was played under intense conditions. It took them 3 hours to complete 25 games between them. And the precipitation made it all the harder for the players to keep going.

Nadal won the first set in a tie-breaker, which went on for 18 points. The second set was headed in the same direction, with both players tied at 6-6.

After being declared as the default winner, Nadal said, “Only thing that I can say is I hope he’s not too bad… hopefully, it’s just the normal thing when you turn your ankle, and hopefully is nothing broken. That’s what everybody hopes, and I was with Sascha, looks that they need to keep checking.”

He further added that Zverev is his colleague. They often practice together. And even when he wanted to qualify for the final badly, this was not the way he would want it.

Nadal takes on Casper Ruud in the final on 5th of June 2022.


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