Rafael Nadal wins 14th Roland Garros title; takes Grand Slam tally to 22

Rafael Nadal has written and rewritten the history as he breaks yet another record. Defeating the Norwegian Casper Ruud 6-3, 6-3, and 6-0 in the final, he clinched his 14th Roland Garros title. With his victory, he also took his career grand slam tally to 22.

Nadal had a great run in the tournament. His skills were tried and tested on different levels during the course of the tournament. However, he must have had one of his most straightforward Slam victories on Sunday.

Apart from the first two sets, Casper Ruud failed to put up a show.

In the first set, he matched Nadal toe to toe, and in the second set, he had a 3-1 lead in his hand. But the Spaniard was up to the challenge and bounced back to win the group.

He went on to win nine consecutive games to lift the Roland Garros title. With this title, he has now gone two titles clear of his opponents, Djokovic and Federer.

Nadal’s bounce back from injuries

Although this tournament seemed like easy cruising for Nadal, it was anything but easy. After winning the Australian Open, Nadal suffered an injury that kept him out of the loop for a while.

The 36-year-old is known for his consistent participation in the buildup tournaments for Roland Garros. However, the injuries kept him out of that tournament. As a result, he came into this tournament as the least favorite. Also, the fact that Djokovic was returning to the court didn’t help his case.

But the Spaniard was determined and showed tremendous grit and wits to win the tournament.

Now he will be hoping to replicate his great form on the grass and then on hard court in the USA later this year. He looks to be in sublime form to complete a calendar slam this year.

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