Top 10 All Time Premier League Goalkeepers with the most Clean Sheets

The Premier league has witnessed big shot stoppers over the years who have managed to win their teams crucial games by keeping a clean sheet. Here are Top 10 All time premier league goal keepers who have left their mark by keeping the most clean sheets.

10th Brad Friedel – 132 Clean Sheets

The American Goalkeeper lands in 10th position  with 132 clean sheets in the Premier league for the most clean sheets kept . The shot stopper has played for four premier league clubs Blackburn Rovers , Aston Villa , Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool .  He has 450 appearances in the league and has kept 132 clean sheets with a rate of 29.33% clean sheet.

9th Tim Howard – 132 Clean Sheets

Another American with a similar record in the English Premier league, keeping 132 clean sheets in the premier league but with 399 League  appearances which edges him over Brad with a 33.08% of clean sheet rate. The Goalie has played for two big premier league sides Everton and Manchester United.

8th David De Gea – 132 Clean Sheets

The only active player in the top 10 is the Spanish Star who is moving up the list with short gaps in between. He has kept 132 clean sheets in 383 appearances which gives him a good clean sheet rate of 34.46% in the English league. The keeper has been Manchester United’s No. 1 all these years since Sir Alex bought him in 2011. The Spaniard has already won a premier league under the Scottish manager and would look forward to go up in the list by over taking his successor.

7th Edwin Van Der Sar – 132 Clean Sheets

The  Manchester United Man is joined by his predecessor Van der sar with a tie as of now of 132 Clean Sheets in 313 appearances which gives the dutch an upper hand over the Spaniard as Edwin has a clean sheet rate of 42.17% , the goalie has won the competition thrice including the Champions league in which he was the hero. No doubt United are top notch when it comes to Goal keepers. The Dutch star has played for two premier league clubs Manchester United and Fulham.

6th Pepe Reina – 136 Clean Sheets

The Liverpool Legend has 136 clean sheets in the league with 297 appearances which gives him the best clean sheet rate of 45.79%. The Spanish star has played for two premier league clubs Liverpool and Aston Villa. The  player later joined Bayern Munich that brought an end to his sparkling eight year spell to his Liverpool Career.

5th Nigel Martyn – 137 Clean Sheets

The English player has 137 clean sheets to just get past the Spaniard by a horse’s hair, the player had 372 league appearances with a brilliant clean sheet rate of 36.83%. The English Star has played for three premier league clubs – Leeds United, Everton and Crystal Palace.

4th David Seaman – 141 Clean Sheets

Another English man with a record of clean sheets , the player has 141 clean sheet in just 344 appearances which makes  him one of the best shot stoppers the league has ever had. The Arsenal man has a clean sheet rate of 40.99% , the goalie has played for two Premier league club over the years – Arsenal and Manchester City.

3rd Mark Schwarzer – 151 Clean Sheets

The only Australian in the league has 151 clean sheets in 514 league appearances. This gives him the lowest Clean Sheet rate in the list still makes him 3rd with the amount of times he has kept the ball away from his net. The Player has played for Middlesbrough, Fulham,Chelsea and Leicester City.

2nd David James – 169 Clean Sheets 

The English Star has a record breaking appearances of 572 league appearances, the player has a clean sheet rate of 29.55% in the league played for 5 premier league clubs – Liverpool , Aston Villa , Manchester City and West Ham United.

1st Petr Cech – 202 Clean Sheets

Here are Top 10 All time premier league goal keepers who have left their mark by keeping the most clean sheets

The myth , Petr cech is the only player to cross the landmark of 200 clean sheets, not only one of the best goalie’s in the league but the world with 443 appearances which gives him an amazing 45.60% of clean sheet rate. The player has played for 2 premier league clubs Chelsea and Arsenal.  The goalie is legend for the silverware won at the Chelsea.

The premier league has showcased if not the best , then one of the best in the world. The top 10 goal keepers in the premier league are legends as they have won silverware, won their teams crucial games too. Clean sheet is like a feather in their cap as its one of the decisive and toughest things in a game. The top 10 goalies have managed to keep the most clean sheets in world’s one of the most difficult leagues.

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