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Stampede caused for India-Aus match tickets at Gymkhana Cricket Ground; several feared injured

If there is anything that Indian fans like after their beloved Bollywood is cricket. They hero worship their cricketers and go berserk on a chance of witnessing their favourite player live. Sometimes, however, the passion can turn ugly.

Something similar happened in Hyderabad, where an international match was going to be played after a gap of three years. Hence, this was a perfect opportunity for cricket fans to cheer and support their team.

And fans in several thousand approached the stadium to buy tickets. However, due to the lack of management of the Hyderabad cricket board, the fans had to be removed from the scene with the help of police and brute force.

Chaos at Gymkhana for Ind-Aus match tickets

So what tipped the fans off? The answer to this lies in the lack of systematic management from the Hyderabad cricket association.

According to the fans, the tickets were on the official website on the 21st of September. But they couldn’t be bought due to technical challenges on the website.

The passionate fans decided to buy offline tickets and arrived at Gymkhana ground at Secunderabad. And from there, too, they had to return empty-handed.

This fumed the fans, and the lack of communication added fuel to the fire.

The fans have complained that they started queuing at 6 in the morning. And were not given any clear notice about what they should expect. As a result, a group of exhausted fans started chanting anti-HCA slogans.

When the matter elevated to a higher level, the police force had to intervene. They used methods like lathi-charge to disperse the crowd.

The HCA will host the third and final T20I between India and Australia. And considering the current scenario of the series, if India manages to win the second T20I tomorrow, the third one will be a series decider. And the fans don’t want to miss it at any cost.

According to Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) president Mohammed Azharuddin, the tickets will be sold through the Paytm app and the Paytm insider app. Ticket prices range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 300.

The Paytm website indicated that the tickets would be available soon. The online inventory quota on September 15 is practically at capacity. Please check back for further updates. Coming Soon: Limited Tickets in Lot 2,” the website states. Additionally, it said that from September 22 to September 25, the tickets might be used at Gymkhana.


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