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Ravindra Jadeja unlikely to return as CSK player in IPL 2023

Ravindra Jadeja unlikely to return as CSK player in IPL 2023
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Ravindra Jadeja is most likely to have moved on from Chennai Super Kings. And is not expected to return to the IPL franchise for the upcoming season.

According to several online sources, the player has been reported to have gone out of contact with the franchise since May 2022.

Ravindra Jadeja was sacked from his role as captain of the franchise. And later ruled out of the tournament with an injury that fans reported was a coverup for the rift between the player and team.

Ravindra Jadeja has lost touch with CSK

Following his departure from the tournament, the player recovered and joined the national side. According to TOI, Jadeja has kept CSK in the dark regarding his recovery and other related updates. This is something that has never happened before.

Chennai Super Kings is known to function like a family. Even though the players play together for 45 days, they are always connected throughout the year. And Jadeja has failed to do that.

The main reason, as everyone understands, is his stripping from the captaincy. Jadeja is known to have an ambition of captaining the Indian team someday. Hence, when he was defrocked from the role, he took it as an insult.

He was reported to have left the hotel where Chennai was staying in Mumbai. Since then, Jadeja and CSK have not been able to sort out the situation.

Ravindra Jadeja’s ambition to become captain

This rift became more palpable to the fans when Jadeja started deleting all his CSK posts from his various social media accounts. Furthermore, he was also not present in the video posted by Chennai to win their captain Dhoni on his birthday.

The omens are not suitable for Chennai fans. With MS Dhoni more likely to play in the next season of IPL, Jadeja can’t be seen as captain. Hence, the chances of him returning to the team look slim.

Ravindra Jadeja will want to be restored as the captain again. But with MS Dhoni playing in the next season, it seems unlikely.

However, more clarity will come once the trading window ahead of the 2023 edition opens. Then the fans and media outlets can picture the situation better.

For now, it is expected that Chennai Super Kings and Dhoni will make a last effort. Jadeja has been an integral part of the franchise for a decade now. And the fans will like to see him return as a part of the Yellow army next season.

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