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PSG manager says there’s “no bad blood” between Neymar and Mbappe

PSG manager clears air between Neymar and Mbappe; says there's "no bad blood"
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Last week the whole world witnessed the antics of Kylian Mbappe on the pitch. PSG was playing against Montpellier in their second League 1 game. And won it by a runaway margin of 5-2.

However, the talking points from the match were not the goal scored. Rather, the palpable rift between players like Mbappe and Neymar over a spot kick.

Having missed one penalty earlier in the game, Neymar stepped up to take the second one. And Mbappe was not happy with that at all. He wanted to take the second one as well. But the Brazilian was adamant and converted from the spot.

After this, the world saw how Mbappe showed his disappointment by not celebrating with the team. Also, during the same game, when he was not passed the ball, Mbappe showed clear signs of disgust and anger and even refused to partake in the attack.

The whole internet was buzzing about an apparent rift between players. Especially between Neymar and Mbappe. But the PSG manager has cleared the air about the same.

Galtier addresses Neymar and Mbappe rift in press conference

“We saw each other quickly the next day to iron out all that, to say what we had to say to each other,” Galtier told a press conference ahead of Sunday’s Ligue 1 visit to Lille. “We had a very pleasant week at work. Everyone worked well. I enjoyed all the sessions this week and this epiphenomenon disappeared very quickly, that is to say, the day after our meeting.”

He also explained that there are instructions for Penalty takers. The first penalty is supposed to be taken by Mbappe. And the second one is for Neymar. This is “important for our strikers to score goals, to keep the confidence,” Galtier revealed.

The fans of PSG and Neymar, Mbappe in general, will be hoping for the player to put the differences behind them. So that they can focus on the task at hand, which is winning the maiden Champions League.


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