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Paul Pogba accused of witchcraft by own brother – French star blackmailed.

Paul Pogba is caught up in a saga involving witchcraft and is being blackmailed in demand for extortion money .

The French international is often in headlines for his performances and criticism but this time he is caught up in family drama and teammates. The French midfielder’s brother Mathias Pogba is threatening of making big revelations about paul.

Mathias Pogba’ statements

Mathias pogba who is also a professional footballer had posted a video on Instagram on 28th august which was translated in four languages. Paul Pogba’s brother stated in the video about making “explosive revelations” about the French star so that his fan base can “decide knowingly , if he deserves the public  admiration and if he is trustworthy.”

“What I was waiting for has happened:  my little brother has finally starting to show his real face”

Kylian Mbappe

Paul’s France teammate Kylian Mbappe is also being dragged into this as Mathias accuses his brother paul of alleged to have been the suspect of an apparent “witchcraft”. Mathias on Mbappe added “Kylian, do you understand now ? I have nothing against you, what am saying is for your own good, everything is true and known, the witch doctor is known” he added “ sorry for this brother, a so called muslim up to his neck in witchcraft”

Paul Pogba’s response

Pogba didn’t take his brother’s accusations in light way and let his lawyers handle as they had already informed the France and Italy authorities. According to Pogba there is a gang organized against him for attempting threats and taking extortion money from him. The former Manchester united midfielder was also threatened in the suburbs of Paris by hooded and armed men with assault rifles .

The gang is said to be asking for 13 Million for ‘’ service rendered” , namely protection and “in all discretion” since the 29 year old’s career started . Paul also recognized his brother to be in the gang’s company which is trying to hinder the player’s public image. Paul also denies any accusations of him involved in witchcraft against his international team mate Kylian Mbappe.


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