Kabaddi Rules: What is a Super Tackle in PKL? How many points a team gets?

Kabaddi is a contact team sport. Or a physical sport, that requires a high level of fitness and physical strength to either grapple, or escape the grasp of your opposition. However, the sport of Kabaddi, despite its physical elements, is different from other sports like Westling and Judo.

While the latter are individual sport, in a Kabaddi match, complete team is involved in holding a single player. This is called or referred to as Tackling or defending in Kabaddi. Let’s understand this better, before we move on to the bigger question of what is Super Tackle in Kabaddi.

Tackling and defending in kabaddi

Tackling and defending are essential components of kabaddi, a fast-paced and contact-based sport that originated in India. The goal of the defending team is to prevent the raider from crossing the midline and returning to their own half without being tagged. This can be achieved through a variety of tackling techniques, as well as by using teamwork and strategy to trap the raider and limit their movement.

Tackling techniques

There are a number of different tackling techniques that can be used in kabaddi, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most common tackling techniques include:

  • Ankle hold: The ankle hold involves grabbing the raider’s ankle and pulling them to the ground. This is a very effective technique, but it can be difficult to execute against a skilled raider.
  • Thigh hold: The thigh hold involves grabbing the raider’s thigh and lifting them into the air. This technique is less effective than the ankle hold, but it is easier to execute and can be more difficult for the raider to escape.
  • Waist hold: The waist hold involves grabbing the raider around the waist and tackling them to the ground. This technique is effective against raiders who are trying to break through the defensive line, but it can be difficult to execute against raiders who are quick and agile.
  • Block: The block involves using one’s body to block the raider’s path and prevent them from crossing the midline. This technique is effective against raiders who are trying to run straight through the defense, but it can be difficult to execute against raiders who are good at changing direction.
  • Dash: The dash involves running towards the raider and tackling them to the ground. This technique is very effective against raiders who are caught out of position, but it can be difficult to execute against raiders who are aware and prepared.

The defenders play a crucial role in kabaddi. They are responsible for preventing the raiders from scoring points and helping their team to win. To be effective defenders, players must have a good understanding of the game, as well as the skills and fitness to execute a variety of tackling techniques.

Defenders must also be able to communicate and work well with their teammates. They need to be aware of the positions of their teammates and the raider at all times, and they need to be able to coordinate their tackles effectively.

Now that we have understood how tackling works in Kabaddi, let’s understand what is Super Tackle.

Super Tackle: A Game-Changing Move in Kabaddi

A super tackle in kabaddi is a defensive move that awards the defending team two points instead of one. It is awarded when the defending team successfully tackles the raider while having three or fewer players on the mat.

Super tackles are one of the most exciting and game-changing moves in kabaddi. They can turn a match on its head and give a team a significant advantage. However, they are also very difficult to execute, requiring a high level of skill, teamwork, and athleticism.

How to execute a super tackle?

To execute a super tackle, the defending team must first get down to three or fewer players on the mat. This can happen in a number of ways, such as through a series of unsuccessful raids by the opposing team or through injuries.

Once the defending team is down to three or fewer players, they must work together to trap the raider in the opposition half. This can be done by using a variety of defensive tactics, such as blocking, tackling, and marking.

Once the raider is trapped, the defending team must then tackle them and hold them down until the referee blows the whistle. If the defending team is successful, they will be awarded two points for the super tackle.

How many points will team get for a Super Tackle?

Super tackles are very important in kabaddi because they can give a team a significant advantage in a match by providing the perfectly executors of this move with a 2 point advantage. These points can be the difference between winning and losing, especially in close matches.

Super tackles can also be used to demoralize the opposing team and boost the morale of the defending team. A well-executed super tackle can turn the tide of a match and give a team the momentum they need to win.

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