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Jose Mourinho clashes with referee gets red card in Roma’s defeat against Atalanta

Jose Mourinho clashes with referee gets red card

Jose Mourinho is known to be passionate about the game of football. And sometimes, he crosses the line in a moment of passion that backfires.

A similar incident took place on Sunday during the Seria A fixture between AS Roma and Atlanta. During the second half of the game, Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo was brought down inside the penalty box of Atalanta.

The referee, however, did not see any infringement in the case. And decided not to award a penalty.

Watch: Jose Mourinho loses his cool after getting a red card

Mourinho was not happy with this decision and stormed on the pitch to confront the referee. Anyone who knows the basics of football must be aware of the fact that no part of the support staff is allowed on the pitch unless it’s an emergency.

And certainly, fighting with the referee gets you no brownie points, either.

As a result, the Roma manager was shown a straight red by the referee. Later, Roma also ended up losing the game by a margin of 1-0.

However, Jose Mourinho’s reactions became the talk on the internet. The Portuguese manager was further livid with the red card and was seen marching towards the referee.

He was later contained by his support staff and sent to the locker room.

Jose Mourinho is likely to be missing from the sidelines in the next fixture against AS Roma. They will take on Inter Milan in their first game after the international break.

Coming to the game, Roma clearly failed to turn up against Atalanta, who has had a great start to their season. They took the lead in the 35th minute, courtesy of the goal by Scalvini. And managed to see it through till the 90th minute.

As things stand, Atalanta is in the second position on the table with 17 points to their name. At the same time, Roma is currently residing in the 6th position.

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