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Gary Lineker And Piers Morgan Clash in Escalating Messi–Ronaldo Debate

Gary Lineker has yet again taken his ‘fun’ too far after poking at Piers Morgan as their social media debate about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi continues unprecedently.

Lineker, the BBC anchor, is a staunch supporter of Lionel Messi and believes that Messi is the winner of the ‘Greatest of all Time’ debate over Ronaldo. On the other hand, everyone knows the side Piers Morgan plays for and his ultimate vocal support for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite Morgan placing Ronaldo above every footballer, the Saturday night match of knockout stages belonged undeniably to Messi, who has led his country to a particular spot in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup.

The 35-year-old enjoyed his best match at the World Cup, with a record-breaking goal to his name on his 1000th career appearance. His extraordinary performance earned vast applause from around the globe and from the BBC studios with Rio Ferdinand.

However, Piers Morgan wasn’t too happy about all the appraisals for the Argentine and suggested that it was excessive and exaggerated. He said:

“The relentless Messi fan-girling by the whole BBC punditry team is getting excruciatingly obsequious. Getting worried one of them might have an ‘accident’ in the studio. Calm yourselves, lads. He had a good game against an average side. See how he does against a good team.”

Lineker didn’t take too long to respond and drag Morgan with a clap-back; he replied: “Good to see you emerge briefly from deep inside the bowels of Ronaldo to express your opinion.”

What got Morgan boiling was the comment made by Rio Ferdinand earlier; he had said: “Messi has put on the best individual performance we’ve seen at this World Cup so far, by a mile. Showboating, laying shots on a plate for teammates, and the crowd – it was almost god-like, after every single thing he does.”

Alan Shearer added his own thinkpiece: “What a second-half performance from him, and the first half with his goal. We’ve spoken about his ability many times before; the hunger and desire and ability to run with the ball attracts so many defenders to him which then frees up his teammates. The story is on him but what a performance from Australia to come back into the game and that sort of epitomises them in this tournament.”

Morgan has always Tweeted his views on his favorite player, Ronaldo. This relationship of support for the veteran gave the British journalist a chance to interview the Portuguese, which became a controversial bombshell interview and led to Ronaldo being clubless.

Ronaldo has scored one goal in the World Cup and remains to score outside the group stages. He is all set to face Switzerland with his team in their next battle for Quarterfinals.


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