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Lionel Messi Breaks Diego Maradona Record in Battle for Quarterfinals

Argentina’s star player and global football icon, Lionel Messi, broke the record of the legendary Diego Maradona in the knockout stage match against Australia earlier, played in the Ahmed Bin Ali stadium.

The 35-year-old has now broken Maradona’s record by scoring his record ninth goal at a World Cup. However, this is not the only record that Messi has set throughout the match.

The legend Lionel Messi has set multiple records in a game they were victorious in. It was his career’s record 1000th appearance, and he scored his 789th goal, which was his first-ever goal in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

The superhero who plays for Paris Saint-Germain has previously scored in three World Cups and yet had a droughtful experience in the knockout stages. This goal has broken his dry spell at the knockout stages and broke this record for him at 35.

This particular goal of emasculate precision is notable for yet another reason. At the same time, it has set Messi ahead of the legendary Maradona and put him just one goal behind Gabriel Batistuta, the top-scorer in Argentine history.

Apart from these, Messi also played his 100th game as the captain of the Argentine national team. In the same match against Australia, the goal proved to be the 100th goal contribution from Messi’s end as the Argentine captain.

Just one more goal from Messi, and he will break another record and become the highest goalscorer for Argentina, surpassing Gabriel Batistuta. He still has the entirety of the World Cup to break this record. The greatest of all time will have a bag full of new records despite whoever takes the World cup home.

Messi-led Argentina is now all set to face the Netherlands, who won a spectacular victory o 3-1 against the USA “soccer” team, in their next Quarterfinals game. The Dutch side has remained unbeaten throughout all three of their previous matches played in the group stages.

On the contrary, the Argentines are a little late to wake up from the dead in this tournament and have had a slow start facing a humiliating defeat in their first match against Saudi Arabia. Only time will tell which side will move ahead to the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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