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Harry Maguire: West Ham Looking for Alternative Defender After Manchester United Stalls Deal

In the saga of Manchester United’s Harry Maguire’s struggles, new development has taken place and according to the sources, West Ham United’s attempt for a move of Maguire into their squad from Man United has been put on hold for the time being.

Harry Maguire’s move to West Ham stalled

The sources have reported that Harry Maguire’s move to West Ham United has been stalled due to an issue of uncertainty if the defender himself is interested and prepared to join the club or not.

As per the reports, West Ham United had proposed a 30 million euros worth of deal for the defender back on 9th August. However, the Hammers are yet to receive any words of response from Harry Maguire.

West Ham are now feeling that Maguire might still be contemplating whether or not the make the move despite the conveyed words that he was eager to transfer to the London stadium this summer transfer window.

Harry Maguire had been struggling for a while to root his position in Manchester United’s first-team for a while now, especially last season under Erik ten Hag he had barely made it into the starting eleven.

Harry Maguire to West Ham might be cancelled

To wrap up his woes, Maguire had also been stripped from his captaincy of Man United during before the start of this season.

The English defender had also been seen warming the bench during the 1-0 victory over Wolves back on Monday. Maguire had not been put on pitch despite the usage of all five substitutes by manager Erik ten Hag, including Lisandro Martinez in the half time with Victor Lindelof.

Before this match, United boss Erik Ten Hag had stated that the 30-year-old defender might as well be better off if he left Manchester United if he was not confident enough to fight and battle for his spot in the first team.


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