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Cristiano Ronaldo fires shots at former teammate Wayne Rooney with obnoxious claims

The Portuguese legend woke up and chose violence as he has made claims suggesting he’s better looking than Rooney and has accused him of being jealous.

From Friends to Foes

The duo that has previously waged war together has now certainly come apart, with veteran United supporters wiping away tears. Cristiano has made headlines just by sitting on the bench for too long, and he has broken his silence in a scathing interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan since the appointment of the new manager, Erik.

The exclusive 90-minute interview will be released soon, but some quotes have already been exposed. Roandlo has indicated that he no longer respects his current coach, Erik Ten Hag, and has even claimed that he had no idea who Ralf Ralgnick was.

For those in the same boat as Cristiano, Ralf Ralgnick was named interim coach following the termination of club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

He was United’s coach until the conclusion of the previous season, and he was one of many Manchester United’employees’ who fell out with Cristiano Ronaldo.

During an interview with TalkSport, Rooney labeled Ronaldo an “unwanted distraction.” “Just get your head down and work, Cristiano, and be ready to play when the manager wants you. If he does this, he will be a valuable asset. If he does not, it will become an unnecessary distraction “, he explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes unwarrented comments on Rooney

When asked about the unwarranted comments he has gotten over the years, including some from former teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo replied to Wayne Rooney, saying, “I don’t know why he criticises me so badly… perhaps because he completed his career and I’m still playing at a high level.” “I’m not going to suggest I’m better looking than him. Which is true…”

Cristiano attempted to quit Manchester United during the transfer window. Despite his reputation, Ronaldo was unable to locate a suitor and was forced to remain in England.

During the current season, he has only scored once in ten Premier League games and has also scored twice in six Europa League games.

Now, Ronaldo will focus on the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, which begins this month in Qatar. Portugal is in Group H with Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea. They will commence their campaign against Ghana on November 24 at Stadium 974 in Doha, aiming for their first World Cup championship.

Life lesson learned: never get back together with your ex.


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