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BREAKING: David Warner, dismayed and saddened, after withdrawing his application for review

Australian cricketer David Warner has withdrawn his attempt to have his lifelong leadership ban lifted.

David Warner apologizes to fans after posting wrong photo
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Cricket Australia had backed Warner’s application to hold the review meeting confidentially, but it was the three-member panel that felt the need to bring a group of journalists to the hearing. Australian Cricketers’ Association chief Todd Greenberg believes David Warner had no choice but to withdraw his leadership ban appeal and instead blasted Cricket Australia for “losing control” and “lacking common sense.” CA CEO Nick Hockley, on the other hand, has broken his silence on the board’s response over the Warner saga, saying he was upset when the senior batter withdrew his appeal.

Not prepared to let his family be the “washing machine for cricket’s dirty laundry.”

Not willing to let his family be the “washing machine for cricket’s dirty clothes,” an enraged Warner withdrew his application for revocation of his lifetime leadership ban on Wednesday, claiming the independent review panel wanted him to face “public lynching.”

Clarke expressed his support for his former teammate, claiming that Cricket Australia’s investigation into the matter has been inconsistent.

“You can tell he’s disappointed and frustrated,” Clarke said on Big Sports Breakfast. “I think the other thing that probably hurts a little bit more is the fact Steve Smith is going to captain this Test match. I can understand Davey’s disappointment. In regards to where Davey is with his age, he’s unfortunately missed out on the captaincy opportunity in my opinion. I don’t think that’s the concern, it’s the fact it’s taken so long to process this or to get to where it’s at.

“I see it as very inconsistent. I find it very hard to believe it’s okay for one but not okay for the other to have a leadership role. If CA decided all the guys involved in what went down in South Africa, none of them were going to play a leadership role, I think that’s a fair call.”

Cricket Australia chief Nick Hockley on what transpired.

“We felt that it was appropriate it was in private, and we made that application to the commissioners,” Hockley told reporters during the second NRMA Insurance Test in Adelaide today. “In coming back, they didn’t rule out the fact that elements could be in private, but they wanted that to be on application at the time, in light of what was being discussed.

“Because independence and transparency is in line with best practice, and there’s a huge amount of public interest in this, the commissioners felt it was appropriate in these circumstances for there to be a level of transparency.

“The sports world globally is under the microscope around their integrity processes.

“I make no apology for the fact we’ve engaged with the best people, that we’ve got best-in-class governance and that we run a proper, fair, independent process … that’s in line with best practice, including the mandatory standards of Sports Integrity Australia.”

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