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“Saudi–Qatari Consortium” Prepares “£3.2 Billion” Bid to Buy Liverpool in Initial Offering

A “Saudi-Qatari consortium” is reportedly preparing to present an ‘initial’ £3.2 Billion bid to buy the Premier League giants, Liverpool, from the Fenway Sports Group.

The English club has been put on sale by its owners FSG throughout the past month. FSG had brought Liverpool back in 2010 from George Gillett and Tom Hicks for around 300 million euros.

John W. Henry’s American sports investment company has had a poor relationship with Liverpool fans. What made matters even worse was the fact that the Liverpool owners were involved in the planned launch of the big flop European Super League.

However, as we know it the ESL turned out to be a huge flop and was kicked out of the scenario after receiving heavy criticism from the fans and the general public alike. Although it would not be all that surprising if the matter ended up resurfacing again in the future.

FSG has also been bashed by the fans for not backing up and showing enough support for Jurgen Klopp in the transfer market.

Even though FSG shares a bitter-sweet relationship with the club supporters, it was a huge shocker when the news of Liverpool being put up for sale by the owners was announced at the beginning of November before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the break in the ongoing club football season.

The latest news from the sources reports that “a joint Saudi-Qatari consortium has emerged as strong early contenders to buy Liverpool.”

It is declared by the sources in their report that “investors from the two Gulf states have agreed to join forces to avoid becoming embroiled in a bidding war.”

The “initial bid” of these two rich countries is expected to be worth around £3.2 billion. They are in a “commanding position” and while they are “private investors,” they have “strong links to their respective states.”

The report also added that there is expected to be some “stiff competition.” This stiff competition comes from the “early running coalition of German investors,” plus an “unnamed American consortium.”

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