Saudi Arabia King’s Cup 2023/24 Top Goals Scorers

In the dazzling world of Saudi Arabian football, the King’s League Cup shines as a stage for breathtaking goals, dramatic showdowns, and unforgettable moments.

Over the years, several legends has graced this illustrious tournament, etching their names in the annals of history with their mesmerizing goal-scoring talents. In this article, let’s find out about the top goals scorers in Saudi Arabian King Cup 2023/24

Saudi Arabia King’s Cup 2023/24 Top Goals Scorers

Most Goals in Saudi Arabia King’s Cup

Abderrazak Hamdallah

Our story begins with the enchanting Moroccan striker, Abderrazak Hamdallah, who stands at the summit of the King’s League Cup goal-scoring hierarchy. At 32, Hamdallah’s football odyssey has taken him through two clubs in this competition.

With 17 goals under his belt, Hamdallah has woven a tapestry of breathtaking finishes that have left fans spellbound. His innate ability to thread the ball into the net with precision has earned him a reputation as a goal-scoring virtuoso. Time and again, he’s conjured up goals that have turned the tide of matches, painting his legacy in the vibrant colors of the King’s League Cup.

Nasser Al-Shamrani

Close behind, we find the indomitable Nasser Al-Shamrani, a Saudi Arabian football legend at 35. With two clubs and a staggering 28 goals, Al-Shamrani’s journey reads like an epic adventure.

Al-Shamrani’s tale is one of physicality and courage. He has made a name for himself with his towering presence inside the box and a nose for goal that rivals any striker in the world. His knack for scoring vital goals in crunch moments has made him a beloved figure among fans.

Mukhtar Fallatah

In our next chapter, we meet the Saudi sensation, Mukhtar Fallatah, who at 31, has donned the colors of four different clubs in the King’s League Cup. With a formidable record of 23 goals, Fallatah’s story is one of consistency and adaptability.

Fallatah’s journey speaks volumes about the talent brewing in Saudi Arabian football. His versatility and cool-headedness in front of goal have marked him as a reliable scorer. Whether donning the jersey of one club or another, he’s consistently found a way to fire his team to glory.


From the football carnival of Brazil, Romarinho graces our narrative at the age of 32, representing Al-Ittihad Club with style. With 17 goals to his name, Romarinho’s tale is a symphony of samba flair and dazzling goals.

Romarinho’s Brazilian roots are evident in his close ball control and mesmerizing dribbling skills. His penchant for scoring sublime goals has added a layer of excitement to the King’s League Cup. With every goal, he has painted a vivid picture of Brazilian magic on Saudi Arabian soil.

Léandre Tawamba

Our next protagonist is the Cameroonian magician, Léandre Tawamba, who, at the age of 33, has cast his spell while wearing the colors of Al-Taawoun FC. With 15 goals, Tawamba’s journey tells a story of physicality and finesse.

Tawamba’s imposing presence in the box has made him a formidable foe for defenders. Yet, beneath that strength lies a delicate touch and clinical finishing. His ability to create moments of magic in front of goal has turned the King’s League Cup into his own theater of dreams.

Omar Al-Somah

From the heart of Syria, we introduce the 32-year-old marksman, Omar Al-Somah, who has plied his trade with Al-Ahli SFC. With 15 goals to his name, Al-Somah’s tale is one of long-range artillery and precise free kicks.

Al-Somah’s reputation precedes him as a sniper from long distances. His ability to strike fear into the hearts of goalkeepers with powerful shots and his precision from free kicks have made him a darling among fans. His goals have often felt like missiles launched from the field of play.

Naif Ahmed Taib Hazazi

At just 28 years old, the Saudi Arabian rising star, Naif Ahmed Taib Hazazi, has already etched his name into the King’s League Cup history books. Playing for two clubs, he has amassed an impressive tally of 21 goals.

Hazazi’s youthfulness is complemented by his clinical finishing and aerial prowess. His potential as a goal scorer is a bright beacon of hope for both his club and the Saudi Arabian national team, promising a radiant future.

Fahad Al-Muwallad

Our next protagonist is the versatile Saudi sensation, 28-year-old Fahad Al-Muwallad, who has enchanted fans while representing two clubs in the King’s League Cup. With 23 goals and the ability to play as a winger or striker, Al-Muwallad’s story is one of adaptability and flair.

Al-Muwallad’s unpredictability adds a dash of excitement to his team’s attack. His dribbling skills and knack for creating goal-scoring opportunities have made him a valuable asset. He’s a living testament to the dynamism of Saudi Arabian football.

Yasser Al-Qahtani

Enter Yasser Al-Qahtani, the 35-year-old Al-Hilal SFC legend, who has notched up 20 goals in the King’s League Cup. His tale is one of leadership, experience, and a penchant for delivering on the grandest stages.

Al-Qahtani’s influence extends beyond the pitch. He’s a captain who leads by example, inspiring his teammates with every stride. His ability to rise to the occasion and score in crucial matches has elevated him to legendary status.

Mohammed Al-Sahlawi

Our final chapter introduces the 34-year-old Saudi Arabian scoring sensation, Mohammed Al-Sahlawi, who has scored 23 goals while representing three different clubs in the King’s League Cup.

Al-Sahlawi’s journey through various clubs reflects his commitment to success in the tournament. His clinical finishing and adaptability have made him a fan favorite. With every goal, he’s etched his name into the history of Saudi Arabian football.


The King’s League Cup has been a canvas for painting moments of pure footballing brilliance, and these goal-scoring maestros have wielded the brush with finesse. From the Moroccan magician Abderrazak Hamdallah to the Brazilian samba star Romarinho and the Saudi sensation Mukhtar Fallatah, each player has left an indelible mark. Their tales of goals, grit, and glory have added vibrant hues to the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabian football. In their honor, the King’s League Cup continues to shine as a stage where dreams are woven, and legends are born.


Who has scored the most goals in Saudi Arabia King’s Cup?

Abderrazak Hamdallah has scored the most goals in the competition. He had 17 goals to his name in the Saudi Arabia King’s Cup.

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