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Ross Taylor reveals shocking detail says an IPL franchise owner “slapped him across face”

Ross Taylor makes shocking statement says an IPL franchise owner "slapped him across face"
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After Yuzvendra Chahal’s shocking admission, another player has come forward with a flabbergasting revelation regarding the behind the scene incidents at IPL.

Former New Zealand and Rajasthan Royals player Ross Taylor has disclosed a disturbing incident in his autobiography, Ross Taylor: Black & White.

Ross Taylor reveals shocking incident

In the incident, Taylor narrated how he was slapped by one of Royal’s owners. He writes, “The chase was 195, I was lbw for a duck and we didn’t get close… Afterwards, the team, support staff and management were in the bar on the top floor of the hotel. Liz Hurley was there with Warnie [Shane Warne].

“One of the Royals owners said to me, ‘Ross, we didn’t pay you a million dollars to get a duck,’ and slapped me across the face three or four times. He was laughing, and they weren’t hard slaps, but I’m not sure that it was entirely play-acting. Under the circumstances, I wasn’t going to make an issue of it, but I couldn’t imagine it happening in many professional sporting environments.”

Ross Taylor was a part of the RCB franchise for the initial three years of the marquee tournament. But in 2011, he was bought by Rajasthan Royals for a Million Dollars.

In IPL, with big bucks come big expectations. And Ross Taylor failed to live up to the ones he set for himself. He played 12 games that season and managed to score only 181 runs at the strike rate of 119, which is pretty bad.

This season marked the decline of his IPL career. Although he played three more seasons for a different franchise like Delhi and Pune, it just wasn’t the same.

In total, Taylor played 55 IPL matches in his career. And managed to score just 1017 runs at an average of 25.

All in all, Ross Taylor announced his retirement from all the formats last year. He will go down as one of the best players to have graced the game in all formats.


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