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Romelu Lukaku to Return to Chelsea Says Inter Milan CEO Marotta

Serie A giants, Inter Milan have apparently made a shocking decision earlier. According to the latest reports, Inter Milan have decided to send back their fallen star, Romelu Lukaku, to the Premier League club Chelsea.

Lukaku’s return to Chelsea eminent; confirms Marotta

The CEO of the Italian club, Inter Milan, Giuseppe Marotta, has insisted that the Belgian international who had been a star once for both club and country before his reversal of fortunes, will now be making a shocking return to the Stamford Bridge in the upcoming summer.

However, club CEO Marotta also has gone ahead to suggest that if the 29-year-old could still achieve his dream transfer move.

Marotta’s condition a little harsh considering the current state of play that Lukaku is involved in.

Marotta on Lukaku’s situation

The Serie A club president has stated that if the Belgian player is successful in regaining his peak of the career form yet again after he has suffered so many injuries, he could come in the radar for his dream move.

Marotta, when he was asked about the fate of Romelu Lukaku went on to speak about the Lukaku deal that he will indeed be returning to Chelsea in the Premier League currently in the 10th position being led by Graham Potter.

Marotta also stated that it was a straight loan, and was a part of the deal, and only then they would see.

However, concerned about the capabilities and form of the Belgian international, the CEO of Inter Milan has stated that Lukaku was not in a goof condition just yet and that [they] were still in the middle of waiting to see if the ‘real’ Romelu makes a comeback as everyone had seen in the past.

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