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Qatar Accused of Paying ‘Fake Fans’ for Bizarre World Cup Parade TikTok Videos

Qatar Accused of Paying ‘Fake Fans’ for Bizarre World Cup Parade TikTok Videos

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner, with barely 5 days to go for the opening ceremony in Qatar. The international hardcore fans are all psyched up to support their special teams.

However, right from when Qatar was announced as the organizer, the World Cup has been spiralling amidst the mud of controversies. It has probably been one of the most controversial and questionable in history.

Qatar assembles fake fans for Tik-Tok videos

The brand-new controversy surrounding it is that fans from all across the globe have noticed the presence of alleged “fake fans” in the viral TikTok videos. The global audience and several blue ticks on Twitter have been accusing the Arab country of choreographing their migrant population to do a series of bizarre and eccentric parades through the streets of Doha wearing the jerseys of teams such as Brazil, Argentina, etc., to simulate an environment of hype around the tournament.

Apparently, this has resulted from the orthodox government’s attempt to divert the attention of the international media and the general public from the fact that Qatar has built the World Cup on modern-day slavery and on the lives of thousands of migrant workers, who have no option but to obey.

Apart from the human rights violation, Qatar’s standing against the LGBT+ community has caused quite an uproar.

“It is damage in the mind”, said Qatar’s ambassador for World Cup, Khalid Salman.

With every move Qatar makes to cover up for the damage it has caused, they make it even worse, it seems. They spent billions of dollars expecting to bring in millions of tourists, but instead, they caused the exact opposite effect and are now called ‘the country built by slaves’ all around the planet.

This orchestration of jubilant “fake fans” in Qatar, having done more damage than good, shows how unintelligent their country runners are, that they believed this would do the damage control and convince people around the world that there is some kind of organic wave of passion taking place in Qatar. The country with strict codes of conduct has failed to conduct itself with dignity while all eyes are on them.


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