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Pro Kabaddi: Narender Hoshiyar completes 100 points in season 9

Tamil Thalivas Nareder Kandola has one more milestone under his belt. He has now completed 100 points in Pro Kabaddi League season 9.

Narender achieved this feat in his 10th game of the season played against Telugu Titans. And helped his team achieve a good victory against their southern rivals by 9 points.

Narender Hoshiyar has been a great influence on the attack of Tamil Thalivas. Especially after the freak injury to Pawan Sehrawat that ruled him out of the season.

They bought Pawan Sehrawat for a huge sum of 2.26 crores this season. But couldn’t make the most of the player as he was injured in his very first game.

Everyone thought that Tamil Thalivas will not be able to make it big in this season. However, that is when Narender Hoshiyar decided to step up for his team.

Pawar and Sagar Shine for Thalivas against Titans

He has been the man of big moments this season and given his team some great moments throughout the tournament.

Yesterday was a rare off day for Nareder Hoshiyar though. He was not able to make the most of the situation and could only accumulate 3 points.

That is when players like Ajinkya Pawar and Sagar decided to step up for their team. Together they scored a total of   20 points between themselves. Out of which Pawar scored 12 points in raids, while Sagar got a high-five in tackles.

This victory will be a huge boost for Tamil Thalivas. It shows that they are not completely dependent on Narender Hoshiyar. And have other players like Ajinkya Pawar, Himanshu, and Sagar, who can turn the game on it’s head too.

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