Premier League: World’s Toughest football league goes on par with a record TV deal, amounts suggest a whopping 6.7 billion pounds with domestic TV rights

Premier League has decided to agree on a new record domestic TV rights deal for Sky Sports and TNT Sports, which is slated to broadcast up to 270 games a season. Along with this whopping amount, the deal also continues BBC to broadcast highlights on Match of the Day.

“Largest deal”

With an amount which discusses a 6.7 billion pounds worth for broadcasting rights, it is bound to be one of the largest deals ever, as some sources closer to the top flight has mentioned that these rights, which embark on a new journey from 2025-26 season, covering four years, is “largest sports media rights deal ever concluded in the UK.” It has also been reported that the 3PM blackout stays in its position, but kick-off will be televised on every Sunday at 2PM.

According to sources, BBC includes deal which has the rights to televise MOTD2 and Football Focus along with additional digital packages. Sky Sports has been four of the five packages and is devised to telecast a minimum of 215 matches per season, including Saturday 5:30 PM kick-offs, Sunday 2 PM and 4:30 PM kickoffs, which also includes evening games on Mondays and Fridays in addition to three midweek rounds.

For TNT Sports, it has been commanded to broadcast a minimum of 52 matches per season including all 12:30 PM kick-offs on Saturdays, and two midweek matches.

This is the first time that Premier League has undergone a tender process for securing broadcasting rights, as the current 5 billion pounds domestic TV rights deal expires at the end of 2024-25 season, as it was allowed to extend because of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Will Provide Financial Certainty”

With this new deal on paper and a year longer than the current deal, Premier League has mentioned that this deal is a 4% rise in the live rights, as it will provide financial certainty for clubs till 2029, as Premier League Chief Executive was heard saying, “The outcome of this process underlines the strength of the Premier League and is testament to our clubs, players and managers who continue to deliver the world’s most competitive football in full stadiums, and to supporters, who create an unrivalled atmosphere every week.”

To add to their point of view, BBC Sport Director Barbara Slater has reported, “Match of the Day remains enduringly popular with audiences and this new agreement with the Premier League is brilliant news for football fans all over the UK.”

Barbara Slater further strengthened her aspect by saying, “For almost 60 years it has been the UK’s most discussed football programme, delivering a complete digest of the weekend’s action and this enhanced deal with more digital content means we can tell the story of the Premier League every day across BBC Sport platforms.”

Sky has been vested with the rights to telecast 100 more matches per season as Chief Executive Dana Strong was heard saying, “We are proud of our long history with the Premier League and look forward to delivering more engagement, entertainment, and innovation to the end of the decade.”

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