Neeraj Chopra feels this minor change can help Jasprit Bumrah bowl faster than ever

In latest cricket update, India’s star athlete Neeraj Chopra offered a piece of advice to his favorite fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah. During an interaction on the Indian Express’ Idea Exchange, Chopra suggested that Bumrah could enhance his pace by lengthening his run-up.

Chopra, a javelin thrower, based this assessment on discussions with fellow athletes in his field, emphasizing that starting the run-up from a slightly further distance could potentially increase a bowler’s speed.

Expressing his admiration for Bumrah’s unique bowling action, Chopra noted, “I like Jasprit Bumrah; I find his action unique. I feel he should lengthen his run-up to add more pace.” This insight reflects the interdisciplinary conversations among athletes from different sports.

Neeraj Chopra on India’s loss in the World Cup Final

Neeraj Chopra, who was present during the ODI World Cup final at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, shared his experience of watching a full match for the first time. Despite India’s loss in the final, Chopra acknowledged the technical challenges faced by batsmen and praised their efforts. He mentioned that sometimes, despite the team’s strong performance throughout the tournament, it’s just not their day.

Reflecting on the final against Australia, Chopra speculated that the Australian team’s strong mindset played a crucial role in their victory. He suggested that, mentally, the Australian team held an edge from the start, and their confidence in their game ultimately led to a comprehensive triumph.

“Maybe, somewhere mentally, the Australian team held an edge at the start. When they bowled, I found they had a strong mindset. In the end, they had completely flipped it over. They were confident about their game,” said Chopra.

Chopra, the Olympic and World Championships titleholder in javelin throw, added valuable insights from his perspective as a sportsperson, bridging the gap between different disciplines. His observations on Bumrah’s bowling and the mental aspects of the game contribute to the broader understanding of sports dynamics.

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