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Mario Ferri; The Serial Pitch Invader Who Waved Rainbow Flag and More in Qatar World Cup

The serial pitch invader, Mario Ferri, has grabbed global attention after successfully invading the pitch in the world’s biggest showpiece in the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.

The Qatar World Cup has probably been one of the most controversial in the tournament’s history, with the drama surrounding it since it was announced in every sphere, primarily due to the country’s political and humanitarian stance.

From the Qatari government repeatedly offending global fans in the name of “respecting” their culture and their hatred for the LGBT+ community to the continuous protests from the audience from around the world for boycotting the tournament due to it being “modern-day slavery,” drama is not scarce.

The new controversy this time is that one man had gotten to his feet and decided to make yet another extremely public declaration by invading the field while wearing a shirt that said two messages, “Save Ukarain” and “respect Iranian women.”

All this while he waved a big LGBT+ flag during Portugal’s victory over Uruguay was on its way.

Mario Ferri: a serial pitch invader

This invasion is not the first that the 35-year-old man has conducted. He has appeared on pitches in the past, that too legally. Although he is a footballer by profession, it’s his activist activities on the pitch rather than his action on the ball which is more popular.

Ferri has already been a great contributor to helping Ukrainian refugees and speaking up against the ongoing war in Ukraine against Russia.

This man who clearly cannot avoid controversy has stunned the world again after his World Cup 2022 stunt. Luckily, Ferri was released from custody without any severe charges or consequences. The harshest consequence was that he’d be unable to attend any other matches in the ongoing tournament.

He has previously invaded pitches in 2009 in an Italy versus Netherlands match, a 2010 Inter Milan versus Mazembe match, and Belgium versus USA match in the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup.

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