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Marco Asensio to join Barcelona in 2023?

Asensio to Barcelona

According to widespread reports in the Spanish media, FC Barcelona are studying the possibility to sign the Real Madrid winger Marca Asensio in the summer of 2023 when his contract expires. This has been one of a surprising news cause a Madrid player linked to Barca or a Barca player linked to Madrid is a very rare occasion.

Now that it is believed the Catalan giants are interested to sign him, it would be interesting to see what happens cause the winger who was once considered one of the best players in the world is currently struggling to get minutes under Carlo Ancelotti’s term.

Marco Asensio feeling the heat in Madrid

This season he has only played 12 minutes which is only more than Casemiro who left to join Manchester United in the summer transfer window. However, when he has played he has shown the ability that he can still contribute to the team as he scored 10 League goals last campaign and that was his highest tally cause previously his highest goal tally in a single season was 6 goals.

But now he is down the pecking order with the likes of Rodrygo surpassing him and even Valverde is being chosen for the position of right wing. So it’s highly unlikely that the Spaniard would play a major role in this campaign.

So the links with Barcelona might eventually fade away cause this summer the Spanish giants spent an astronomical figure of more than 150 mIllion Euros to sign sensational players with the likes of Lewandowski, Raphinha in the forward line.

Raphinha alone cost them a sum of 55 Million Euros and on top of that they renewed the French winger Dembele who is in magnificent form this season after he recovered from the injuries that he suffered. All in all, Asensio might not start in the Barca team too.

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